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The best greetings according to interests:

Birthday greetings according to jobs

Whether HGV driver, doctor, entrepreneur or police officer - the characteristics and idiosyncrasies of certain professional groups offer a perfect basis for original birthday greetings.

Birthday greetings according to hobbies

Everyone has something that they are particularly interested in. We use these hobbies to conjure up successful birthday greetings.

Gender specific greetings:

Greetings for men on their birthday

The strong gender and birthdays - many funny but thoughtful congratulations can be conjured up from this combination.

Greetings for women on their birthday

No matter what age for which you are looking for a suitable birthday saying for the fairer sex - you are sure to find the right inspiration here.

The best greetings for every age:

Birthday greetings for 18th birthday

Greetings from the girlfriend to the boyfriend for 18th birthday.

When your boyfriend comes of age it's a reason to celebrate. You can find out here how to best put this into words.

Greetings on driving

The 18th year is primarily so longingly awaited, because amongst other things it means that you can drive yourself. You can find suitable greetings on the topic of car and driving licence here.

Congratulations on an 18th from parents

Both as a mother and a father, you will be very proud when your son or daughter turns 18. There are poems with heart and feeling here.

Funny greetings for men for a 30th birthday

These birthday greetings are especially aimed at the strong sex. Do you know a young man who will soon be 30? You can annoy him a little bit with these greetings.

A work colleague is turning 30 - congratulate them properly

As a rule you spend a third of your time each day at work - so it is even more important to congratulate your dear work colleagues heartily on their birthday. Here you can find everything for a 30th birthday.

Congratulations on the boss's 40th birthday

How can you congratulate your boss nicely on their 40th birthday? Here are some inspirations.

Congratulate your husband on his 40th birthday

The big birthday of your husband should be transcribed with hearty congratulations.

Poems for mum on her 50th birthday

When your mother reaches half a century, it's a reason to celebrate. You can find lovely poems for this occasion as a son or daughter here.

General greetings for 50 for men and women

These greetings are non gender specific and are perfect to be used for a wide range of different people.

Nice verses and rhymes for a 60th birthday that are longer than just a short birthday wish - here they are.

Greetings for your aunt on her 60th birthday

When it's your favourite aunt's birthday, you should express this in a greetings card. Especially if it's a big birthday.

Original greetings for your father's 70th birthday - we have them here. Best greetings for Dad.

Mean greetings for a 70th birthday

For humorous people, you can also sometimes send mean birthday greetings for fun - a laugh is guaranteed here.

Birthday greetings for an 80th birthday

General congratulations on an 80th birthday, but yet which still get under your skin, are put together on this underside.

Congratulations on a 90th birthday

You can find congratulations on a 90th birthday with no direct personal relation on the following page.