11th Birthday Wishes

11 years today!
Hip hip hooray!
You’re going places!
You’re on your way!
Enjoy your day…and every day!

What should you do when you turn 11?
Shout it to the rooftops!
Jump for joy!
Play all day long!
Stay up late!
Eat ice cream and cake!
Don’t walk! Run!
Whatever you do, have tons of fun!

Rose are red
Violets are blue
Birthdays are special, just like you!
Enjoy your 11th birthday!

Your 11 today!
The sun is shining!
The birds are singing!
Everything is coming up roses because of you!
Have a wonderful day!

11 years ago, we were given a present
A gift that keeps on giving
A blessing from heaven above
We hope your life is filled with blessings
Just like you!
Happy 11th Birthday!

Happy birthday to you
You are just like new
11 years should be fun
So go out and run!
Happy 11th Birthday!

Reach for the sky
Put a smile on your face
Enjoy whatever you try
Go win that race
Eat ice cream and cake
Drink a root beer float
It’s your 11th birthday today
Go jump in a boat!
Go for a ride!
You’re so special to us
You never need to hide!
Happy 11th Birthday!

You are finally 11 years old!
You’re old enough to take a peek at your teens.
You’re young enough to be a kid.
Look at the world with wonder.
Remember that you are special.
This is your day. Make it unforgettable!

Birthdays come and birthdays go, but you’ll only be 11 today.
That means it’s time to have a blast and have fun in every way.
Don’t let anything hold you back or stop your dreams.
Shout it out until you feel like you’ll come apart at the seams.
Jump, sing, and dance.
Don’t miss a single chance
To make the most of today!
Happy 11th Birthday!

It is your 11th birthday? What will you do?
Eat 11 pieces of cake?
Try 11 things that are new?
Chew 11 pieces of bubble gum?
Dish out 11 scoops of ice cream?
Open 11 presents?
It’s up to you!
Happy Birthday!

A birthday means smiles, singing and dancing!
A birthday means family, friends, and fun!
A birthday means presents, balloons, and cake!
A birthday means making memories and taking pictures too!
Happy 11th Birthday! Have a great day!

Hope your 11th birthday is great!
Hope your heart will soar!
Hope you spread your winds today!
Hope you get all of your wishes and more!
Happy 11th Birthday!

Wondering what to do on your 11th birthday?
Go jump in a lake!
Go hop on a bike!
Eat your whole cake!
Do whatever you like!
Happy 11th Birthday!

When you came to us on your birthday, you gave us a present!
11 wonderful years from our gift from heaven!
We hope your day is the best, better than the rest!
May your wishes come true, just like ours did when God gave us you!
Happy 11th Birthday!

Have a super day on your 11th birthday today!
Have fun in every way!
We love you and wish you the best!
Make today better than the rest!