13th Birthday Wishes

Hey teenager, you’re off to a good start
You’re a sweet little lady with a big heart.
If I had just one wish for you
It would never break in two.
Keep that heart strong.
I’m with you all along.

In my perfect world, I think, you’d never grow up,
I still remember you reaching for your baby cup.
Blowing out the candles on your first birthday cake,
Now a three next to that one, in my heart a little ache.
I don’t mean to say I’m not proud, I know you’ll be okay
yet your Daddy remembers frosting on your face that day.

I wish for you to be a lioness not a kitty cat
with fearlessness you will take this, take that
Ever vigilant towards protecting your worth,
Only from within your own little Goddess can birth.
Happy Birthday to a strong little girl
who will take life’s challenges as a a toy she can twirl.

“You’re becoming quite a nice young lady. I am so proud of you. I have confidence in you. You have shown yourself to be a caring and responsible young lady. I’m so glad I can trust you and I hope I can support you in your dreams always. Happy 13th birthday to my sweet daughter”.

“You’re growing into a nice young man. I know this time of life can be confusing, but you seem to know how to handle it and that makes me proud. Keep up the good work, son. Happy 13th Birthday! With love from your dad”.

“You’re somewhere between a kid and a grown up. It’s hard to not really be in one place or the other. I want to give you all the space you need to grow into who you really are and stay healthy and safe. Let me know how I can help. I’m always here for you. Happy 13th Birthday from your Mom”.

So, you’re finally a teenager! It seems like you couldn’t wait. It’s hard to be patient. As you grow, both of us will need a lot of patience. It’s not easy for me to see my baby growing up sometimes but it is part of life. I respect who you are becoming and I want to help you make all your wishes come true this 13th birthday and always”.

Happy 13th Birthday to my best friend. I am always so happy to see that you’ve held a place for me in line or have a space for me next to you at the lunch table. I trust you with all my secrets. You are my very special friend and I hope we stay that way forever”.

Yo, bro! Happy 13th Birthday. You’re the coolest friend ever, even if you are a butt-head. Seriously, man, I don’t know anyone else who is a friend like you. I hope you have a great day”.

“Dear Granddaughter, it seems just a short time ago I got the call from your mom that you came to us and were waiting for me to visit you in the hospital. How time flies. Stay away from the weirdos at school and love and value yourself always. I love you. Happy 13th Birthday”.

“Dear Grandson, I know you can’t believe it, but I was your age once. It’s hard for kids to think one day they will be old, but it happens to everybody. Don’t forget the decisions you make and the people you spend time with help determine your character. You have a lot of potential and I am sure you will make us proud. Happy 13th Birthday!”

Happy 13th Birthday, Nephew! I know all the mischief you will probably get into because I probably did the same things. There may be times that you experiment and it leads to disaster. Maybe it’s stuff you’d rather not tell Mom and Dad. That’s what your Uncle’s here for. You’re never alone”!

If there was one wish I had for you this 13th birthday, I’d wish for you to stay young. Staying young means being positive, open-minded and innocent at heart. Don’t let anything get you down. I know you will do a lot to help the world. You’re a special person”.