17th Birthday Wishes

Have a 17th Birthday blast! Let the good lead you forward and learn from the past. May it mean more than the others and less than the rest and please know that you are wished the best of the best!

Everyday is a beginning and birthdays are a reminder of this.
Life is NOT all about winning and loving is ALL about the kiss.
Happy Born Day!

Happy Birthday in a way none to mild!
You are 17 and I am so proud.
My love, my heart, my darling child.

If my wishes come true you can relax.
I dream that you receive all you ask.
And happiness that reaches the max.

Keep the child within.
Loose, tie and win.
Love and love again.

Take a second glance.
Enjoy every chance.
Smile, laugh and dance.

Know what you’ve seen.
Say what you mean.
Be firm at seventeen.

Turn me into we.
Believe that it shall be.
Happy Birthday truly.

Happy 17th Birthday to a person who truly deserves the best.
May all of your life be richly full of meaning and success.
May your sky be full of color and your grass forever green.
And may your every load of laundry come out fresh and clean.

You’re 17 and your youth is at another stage.
All this means is, it’s time to turn another page.
You’re wished all your dreams, supreme.

Let this birthday be the ending and beginning of each and every clue.
Your past has been full of fairy tales and your present is all about you.
My wish is that your future is a world that strongly combines the two.

My birthday wishes for you are the same this year
as they have been and will be beyond compare.
Things like these may not seem like much now
But tomorrow will change that, firmly I vow.
So “Happy Birthday”, let me continue
The wishes I have to serve your venue.

I want you to feel fortunate for the simple things
Like the contents each day unsurprisingly brings.
A fridge full of compatible foods, oh yeah really.
I mean, what’s peanut butter without the jelly
And while we’re on the subject of more and less,
Let the bread be available, closed properly and fresh.

I hope your lawn mower is always full of gas
and while I am at it I’d like to strongly add
that it be easy to start and light to push
and nothing crawling is found under the bush.
When you’ve finished the lawn, may the shower be free
And immediately followed by lemonade or iced tea.

Sweet 16 has come and gone. It’s time to prepare another song. Create your title and sing along, “Happy 17th Birthday!”, clear and strong.

Happy Birthday!
May your mind and body meet your soul and lead you firmly to every goal.
May your journey carry you on paths so clear with destinations that carry you far and near.
May your days be filled with a love so true and begin deeply inside of you.

Shallow depth… safe danger… false yet true… both a friend and a stranger.
Always my wish that beauty and strength carry you through each day’s length.
Happy 17th Birthday!