45th Birthday Wishes

You’re 45 and some say you’re over the hill,
But I say that you have much more life to fill.
Keep doing things in your own way,
And you’ll find that I’m always here to stay.
Enjoy something special day,
Because today is your very best birthday.

45 is more than a number or a sign.
45 is a place where you’ve crossed the line.
The line between young and old.
The line between timid and bold.
Take this new age and do something great
Before you find out it’s too late.
Happy birthday to you, dear friend.
I hope this day, for you, will never end.

Worrying about your age is a waste of your time.
You’ve got much more going on in your mind.
Use your time today to remember how good you’ve got it.
We all wish you a great day and hope you enjoy it.

Age is all in the mind of the young,
And youth is all in the mind of the aged.
Take this very special day to remember,
That there are things much more tender
Than a number that doesn’t do your heart justice.

Happy Birthday To You
Happy Birthday To You
Happy Forty-Fifth Birthday
Happy Birthday To You

Happy Birthday To You
Happy Birthday To You
Make This Day Ever So Special
Happy Birthday To You.

Celebrating your birthday is more than a party and a cake.
You need something on this day that you can take
To remind you that you are more than a number or age
Because today is the day you turn the page
To a new chapter in life and times
That I hope is filled with more than just rhymes.

On your 45th birthday, I want to know
That I believe in you so
Because you’ve made it to this day
And I know that there is more in your way.
But I know that you are so strong,
And you will love each day long
As you become more of who you are
And touch people near and far.

Work and stress take their toll, but this birthday more than a date on a calendar.
This birthday is the day where you get to decide how you are going to live the second half of your life.
You only have to be yourself because you’ve come this far,
And I hope that you remember this card when you things aren’t up to par.

The best thing I can say on your birthday
Is that it is a very special day.
Birthdays are made of joy and love,
But there is even more coming from above.
You’ve only begun to live in your time,
And I hope you find joy in this special rhyme.

Your birthday means so much to everyone around you.
There is nothing that can make this day for them blue.
They just want to celebrate having you in their midst,
Because you have chosen to stay in everyone’s midst.