60th Birthday Wishes for Brother

Brotherly birthday wishes I send
To a brother who’s also been
A great friend.
60 and counting
Is the stretch of your days,
60 and mounting
The number of your age.
I hope that when 60
I look as youthful as you.
But I’m not in a hurry.
I admit that is true.
I wish your sixth decade
To be filled with good cheer;
I hope you enjoy
Your sixtieth year!

Happy 60 I wish you
From brother to brother.
Happy birthday with blessings
To the son of my mother.
With a brother like you,
I don’t need another.

May life treat you kindly,
In your 60th year.
May God’s hand gently lead you,
And His mercy dwell near.
May each moment be seen as
A gift of His grace.
May the clouds not conceal
His smiling face.
May your faith grow in trials
And your love mimic His.
May “in constant revival”
Be the way that you live.
The life that God gives you
Like a vapor will pass,
But what’s done for His glory
Through eternity lasts.
May His Spirit empower you
To seek and do His pleasure,
And may you always remember
You are my brother and friend
For ever.

The ancients thought 60
To be a number quite mystic.
But, brother, we live in a day
More realistic.
Math is no longer
Used for magical wonder,
But instead we know that 60
Is just another number.
Be that as it may,
I think it quite right
To wish you birthday blessings
And a year of true delight.
So enjoy your magical 60th year
And I hope you get your “druthers.”
Happy birthday to a good old pal!
Happy birthday to you, brother!

Six decades long has been your life,
And filled with hope and change.
May sweet memories of days gone by
Be yours to dream of again.
May new endeavors
Meet with success,
While your days are full of
May God’s good gifts
Fall down in showers
Till every obstacle
Is overpowered.
May deep and lasting joy be yours,
And our brotherly kindness
Long endure.

Over the years,
In the sunlight’s bright rays,
Or in the times when fell tears
And were darkened our days,
A brother you’ve been
Whom I always could trust.
So happy 60 dear brother!
I wish you the best!

I wish you a birthday
Most blessed and bright
In the midst of a world
Often sunk in the night.
You’ve turned 60
And there’s much
You can be thankful for.
And I’m thankful for you, brother,
And I I wish you years many more.

The days come and go
Only one at a time,
But they’ve now reached a year
Since your last birthday time.
So I wish that each day
As it passes along
Will this year leave a blessing
And in your heart put a song.
Happy 60th birthday!
Happy 60th year!
Brotherly wishes of kindness
To a brother who’s dear!