60th Birthday Wishes Uncle

Happy 60th birthday to the best uncle I know
Whenever you’re around you steal the show
Your fun loving personality is a real treat
Celebrate your day with style, and dance to your own beat

Uncle, you are such a great man
You taught me to be all that I can
I have looked to you to learn lessons I need to know,
To help me solve problems, and to grow
You have always been there for me in every way
I hope you have a phenomenal and happy 60th birthday

To an uncle who is fun, caring, and sweet
As far as uncles go, you’re hard to beat
We have a special bond that will last
I know that a lot of time has passed
Since we last saw each other
And got to spend some time together
I hope you have a happy 60th birthday
I’m sorry that I’m so far away
Enjoy your moment to shine in the sun
You will always be my uncle number one

Dear uncle, I am so glad to know a person like you
Who is so smart, funny, and caring, too
You brighten my day when I see your smile
I just love to be in your presence even for a little while
Have a happy 60th birthday, my favorite uncle I know
Keep on celebrating and stay on the go!

Not many people can say they have the greatest uncle in all the land
But I can swear to it with my right hand
I know just how wonderful you are in every possible way
I hope you have the greatest, happiest, and most special 60th birthday

There aren’t many men on earth that can hold a candle to you
You shine with your brilliance and your loving heart, too
I am proud to say you are my uncle to everyone I meet
As far as uncles go, you can’t be beat
Enjoy your special day as you celebrate with fun
Have a happy 60th birthday shining in the sun

Happy 60th birthday to my awesome uncle who knows how to have fun
Even when the party stops, you are never done
You live life to it fullest, and I respect you for that
I respect you for a lot of things, and for that I tip my hat
To show you how much you mean to me in every possible way
I love you so much and have a happy 60th birthday

Happy 60th birthday to one of the strongest men I know
You never slow down, and you’re always on the go
I hope to be as busy as you are in my older days
You touch my life in so many ways
I enjoy spending time with you, you old coot
Enjoy your special day; I hope it’s a hoot!

Dearest uncle, do you know how much you are loved and cared for?
I hold you in the highest regard, and wish you many more
Wonderful birthdays that you can enjoy doing what you please
Sit back, relax, and sip a drink with ease
I want you to know you mean the world to me
You are so wonderful all of the world can see