70th Birthday Wishes for Boss

To my dear boss, I hold you in such high esteem
You really do make each day at work seem
So much brighter and more fun
Than anyone else has ever done
Thank you for making our jobs easier when you can
Have a happy 70th birthday from your number one fan

To a great boss on an important birthday
I just wanted to take a quick moment to say
I admire your dedication to the job we are here to do
You motivate us all to do the best we can, too
Have a fantastic 70th birthday from all of us
Your happiness on this day is an absolute must

It takes a great leader to motivate us each day
Somehow you manage to find the perfect way
We appreciate all that you do for us and want to thank you for it
Have a great 70th birthday; make good wishes when your candles are lit

Light your candles and get out the cake, too
It is time to celebrate the good things you do
As far as bosses go, you are far above the rest
Your dedication and professionalism are simply the best
Have a wonderful 70th birthday filled with joy and love
May all of God’s graces shine down on you from up above

Happy 70th birthday to a boss we both respect and admire
We must admit, if it comes down to the wire,
That we really do enjoy working for you
You make us tow the line and work hard, too

There are not many bosses as wonderful as you are to us
Even though we sometimes grumble and fuss,
We really do respect the work that you do
And admire the qualities you embody, too
Happy 70th birthday to a great boss we adore
We hope you have many, many more

There are not many bosses who take the time to get to know everyone
But somehow, that is exactly what you have done
You know us, hear us, and listen to our concerns when you are able
You take the time to eat with us at the lunch table
We appreciate all that you do for us in every way
We hope you have a happy 71st birthday

How did I get so lucky to work for a boss as nice as you?
I must have been really good and really lucky, too
Seriously, boss, I have never worked for anyone who cares the way you do
You make your job look effortless and inspire me in my job, too
Have a phenomenal 71st birthday spent in a special way
There is no one more deserving, I can honestly say

I hope that your birthday is one spent in a grand way
You deserve a little rest and peace on your 71st birthday
May your day be blessed with the love of those around you
May your day be blessed with happiness and joy, too
I hope this day starts with amazement that lasts the whole year
I hope your year is filled with excitement, goodness, and cheer