Birthday Wishes for 30 Year Old Woman

For 30 years you’ve grown and thrived
And you’ve taught me so much about being alive.
The difference between getting by and truly living
The importance of laughing, loving, and forgiving.
You’ve shown me the true meaning of strength
And finishing things strong, going the length.
You’re at the prime of your life and I can’t wait to see
All the things you do with the next thirty!

Who says that 30 is over the hill?
You’re fit and fab and your looks kill.
With your vibrant smile and spirit to boot
You’re grasping life tight, right at the roots.
Work it, flaunt it, own it, and thrive,
And keep making the most of being alive.
You’re fierce and fantastic, and ever flirty
A true mover and shaker at fabulous thirty!

Between the word “thirty” and “thirsty”
The difference is merely a letter.
While your 20s might have been good
Your 30s will be that much better!
With a thirst for life you’ll embrace
You’ll know just where to go.
Your spirit and will will guild you
And the right way they will show.
And a thirst for greatness you’ll find
And you’ll thrive and persevere.
You’ll make a mark on the universe
And really show why you’re here.
Like a fine wine, or vintage fashion,
You’ll only improve with age.
And thirty is great, and thirty is fun
And you’re turning a great new page!
And if that thirst for carefree youth
Won’t go away, continues to pine.
Know that your thirst can be quenched with experience
But it can also be quenched with wine!
Happy 30th to one amazing gal!

There’s so many rhymes I could make about
You finally turning thirty.
I could talk about how your youth you broke
So many hearts being flirty.
I could recall the times you busted a move,
Maybe even got down and dirty.
I could rhyme about wine or shots or beer
And drinking them when you’re thirsty.
Or go way back to your awkward teen years
When you were cute, but nerdy.
But I don’t want to work overly hard
And have your wishes be wordy.
So I’ll simply leave it at this simple wish:
Happiest of joys on your birthday!

Like a fine wine or fancy cheese,
You’re only improving with years.
With a bright, rich, vibrant spirit,
And an outlook of life so clear.
Classy and sassy, but clever and quick,
You truly are a knockout.
And you’re still enough of a heartbreaker
To make some of the boys pout.
Because you’re beauty transcends your body
And goes right through to your soul,
You don’t ever seem to age a day,
And these years haven’t taken their toll.
With so much love and joy in your life
I can’t wait to see what you bring.
To the next 30 years you have coming up
After “Happy Birthday” we sing!

Oh, goodness don’t even say it!
You can’t be thirty just yet!
Oh good lordy don’t let it be
We can’t be getting old, you and me!
But thirty’s not old, that’s so true
And it’s sure no reason to be blue.
Just because we’re older and classy
Doesn’t mean sea can’t still be sassy.
For the next 3 decades we’ll be just as flirty
As we have been for these first thirty!
Happy 30th to my favorite partner in crime!
The next 30 will be one hell of a time!