Birthday Wishes for a Female Best Friend

You, my friend, are an angel in thin disguise.
When my life grew dark and frightening, you handed me a flashlight so I could see the way.
When I stumbled and fell on rocky paths, you lifted me to my feet and showed me how to fly.
When I finally reached my destination, you were there to greet me, full of praise and love.
Today is your birthday, yet every day your inspiration is a gift to others.
The happiest of birthday wishes to you, my wonderful friend!

On your birthday, my lovely friend,
to the ocean sky may you ascend.
May a rush of wind from salty seas
blow you good wishes through the trees.
May you be filled with enchanted dreams
of sea-kissed stars and silver moonbeams

It’s easy keeping friends around when things are going well
When good times flow like rivers through this life in which we dwell
But during times of stress and strain when skies are growing dark
When it’s tears that flow like rivers and life has lost its spark

Too often I have found that many “friends” will run away
Leaving me in the muck to fight the demons of the day
But beside me stands a woman, she’s fighting through and through
An honest friend to hell and back, and that woman is you

We’ve confided and we’ve laughed and we’ve argued through the years
We’ve held each other afloat as we sloshed through heavy tears
I know we’ll be strong together from now until the end
I wish you Happy Birthday, and I’m proud to call you friend

Like the perfect bra, a good friend is supportive, yet not overly binding.
Like a strong cup of coffee, a good friend encourages you to face the day.
Like a comfortable pair of shoes, a good friend has no fancy expectations of you.
Like a well-maintained car, a good friend will never leave you stranded.
The best of birthday wishes to you, my good friend, and thank you for being such an essential part of my life.

A true friend…

Finds you beautiful just like you are
Reveals nothing about your chocolate addiction
Is generous with coffee and conversation
Expresses her support without hesitation
Never lies to you, even when you wish she would
Doesn’t make you feel embarrassed to be you.

Happy Birthday to a truly wonderful friend!