Birthday Wishes for an Uncle In Heaven

Sending a special birthday wish to heaven,
from your niece who loves you very much!
May all your heavenly wishes come true,
hope your birthday’s the greatest, Uncle!

Since we can’t celebrate here on earth,
I’m sending loads of birthday cheer to heaven.
Wishing you a fabulous day, my beloved Uncle!

My Dear Uncle, may the angels gather together,
and sing a song to you on your birthday.
Happy Birthday in Heaven from Your Nephew!

When I look back, there are so many special times,
and wonderful memories that stand out in my mind.
Love and miss you very much, my amazing Uncle!
Happy Birthday in Heaven!

My dearest Uncle, on this special day,
we are missing you so very much.
As you rejoice and dance amongst the stars,
we’re celebrating with you here on earth.
Happy Birthday in Heaven, Uncle!

Have a blast on your birthday in heaven, Uncle!
Have fun, but remember to keep your halo on,
and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!

Happy Birthday in heaven, Uncle!
Thank you for being a wonderful person,
and for always being there for me.

Thinking of you on your birthday,
and missing you very much.
Happy Birthday in Heaven, Uncle!

Happy Birthday to my Uncle in Heaven,
I miss you and love you more than words can say.

Happy Birthday in Heaven to the Best Uncle a Nephew could ever Have!

Happy birthday to the greatest Uncle that ever lived,
I will never forget all the great times we had together.
Have fun celebrating your birthday in heaven!

I want to tell you Uncle, you never let me down,
You were the greatest person I have ever known.
Hope your Birthday in heaven is the best one ever!

My Dearest Uncle,
The day you were born, earth received an amazing gift,
And the day you died, heaven received a very special angel.
Happy Birthday in paradise, may you have the best day ever!

Someone’s having a birthday in heaven!
That person is my uncle, whom had a big influence on my life,
and guided me through my childhood into the adult I am today.
The angels must be rejoicing today in heaven,
Just as your entire family is here on earth!
Happy Birthday, Uncle!

A very special event
is happening in the sky above,
It’s my Uncles birthday in heaven
and we plan to have lots of fun.
Best Wishes on your Birthday, Uncle!

We may never get to see each other anymore,
but you’re always in my heart and on my mind.
Hope this special day in heaven is incredible,
Because I’m sending you lots of love and hugs.
Happy Birthday to My amazing Uncle!

I can’t count the times you held my hand and wiped my tears,
You were my mentor through most of my childhood years.
Wish you could have stayed to see the man I have become,
and to help watch over and guide my brand new baby son.
Happy Birthday in Heaven to the Finest Uncle that ever Lived!