Birthday Wishes for an Uncle

Uncle, your birthday is fast approaching.
We know that you don’t want to make a big fuss,
But you also know that we must.
Your children, my cousins, are such a delight,
And that is all because they lived in your sight.
I hope this is a good day for you,
Because you’ve been an uncle who is most true.

Happy birthday, Uncle dear.
You have always made the goal in life very clear.
You’ve made everything the most fun,
And every when I wanted to run
There was a place for me to go
Because you know I had been to and fro.
Thank you for being there for me,
And I hope this day meets you joyfully.

Uncles are the very best thing.
People like you make life much easier,
And even though I don’t always say it
You’ve made times breezier.
Thank you for supporting me,
The fun uncle and friend,
Because you should know
My love for you has no end.

Happy birthday, to you, my dear uncle.
I know that you are extended family,
But you’ve extended nothing but grace to me.
Thank you for being the person
Who always cares for others
Even if they don’t give you a reason.
You’re the best example there is
of what love should be.
Fun, friend, family and glee.

Uncles are so very sweet,
Because you always say yes
When mom or dad’s approval doesn’t meet.
You’ve been these for me all the time
And I hope I can give more than this rhyme,
But the best I can do today
Is to tell you happy birthday.

The thing about uncles is that they are always fun.
You know that you’re the most special one
Because you made everything so cool
Even when I wasn’t having fun at school.
Your support means the world to me,
And I want this birthday to be everso sweet.

Happy birthday, to you.
Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday, dear uncle,
You always keep me from feeling blue.

Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday, sweet uncle,
You’re the best member of our family crew.

The thing about uncles is their spirit.
They make you feel joy without knowing it.
One day they silly and the next day they’re shy,
But they always make life interesting as it goes by.
Don’t stop being the best uncle in the world
For someone who wishes you the happiest birthday you could.

Happy Birthday, Uncle, I do not want to forget
That you are the person I first met
When the father gathering came around
You were the coolest person in town.
You’ve been there through thick and thin,
Yet you’ve never stooped the fun or been
More than a phone call away
Because you familial love was always here to stay.

Happy birthday, to my uncle dear.
I could make many jokes about climbing that tree,
But you always helped me to feel free
Because you know what is was like to be the black sheep
And hide in the black hole so deep.
Thank you for being special to me
Because you always knew
What to do
To give love to me.