Birthday Wishes for Aunt from Niece

Happy birthday, sweet aunt.
I look up to many women in the world,
But you are among the most beautiful.
Please don’t ever forget the ways
In which you made my life whole.
Teaching me to feel gorgeous every day
And helping me in every way.
You gave me more than I deserve,
and I hope this spare rhyme will serve.

My dearest aunt, it is your birthday today,
And you have shown me in every single way
So I hope that you never forget
The ways that you’ve helped me grow
And become more like the woman I know.

Dearest Aunt, today is your birthday.
I know you’ll enjoy it in every way.
You have more to give than you know,
And I need a way to show
All the things you did
For this little kid
Mean the world to me
So that I can be
Just like you.

Happy birthday, to my aunt.
You are more than just someone in the family.
You gave me beauty, poise and strength,
But I learned the most from you
When I was blue.

I hope to gain more every day,
To learn the ways
That you become so amazing,
The very best thing.

There is one thing I need you to hear,
My auntie dear
On this, your birthday.

I wasn’t sure how to be more than a girl
Who was being pushed around by the world
But you gave me strength.

When I need you the most,
You were always there to host
Wisdom that changed me forever more.

I hope this birthday is so nice for you,
My aunt who is so true.

I learned to be a woman at your side
When all I wanted to do was hide.

I’ve never been more grateful
For someone so faithful

To show me who I am
And hold me where I stand.

Birthdays are your best day, dear aunt,
But I hope this is a day of love for you
Because I am not sure how you could ever be blue.

To be so lovely,
So beautiful
And so wonderful.

You are the greatest gift for me
To show me how to be
The woman I was to be.

Auntie dearest, you’ve always been there for me.
I never knew what I would be
Until you showed me the way
Because you stood by me every day.

I wonder what it would be like to be you
So confident, so true.

Thank you for teaching me your ways.
I hope this rhyme honors you on your birthday.

Happy birthday, to my favorite aunt.
You have always been there for me
From the start.

I hope that you have such a special day
Because you are beautiful in every way.

I dream of growing up to be just like you
Because then I would never be blue.

I wish you the best of days
Because you mean so much to me in all ways.

Wishing you a wonderful day full of love, life, joy, fun, and happiness, which is everything you’ve been to me as a niece. Happy birthday.

On this day, not only was a beautiful little girl born. An aunt was born as well. I am grateful for all the wonderful years I’ve had being an aunt to the best niece in the world. Happy birthday.

N is for a nice and sweet smile.
I is for an inquisitive and creative mind.
E is for your excellent hugs.
C is for a caring, tender heart.
E is for one extraordinary girl.

Happy birthday, NIECE.

A niece is more than just a relative. She’s a friend, a companion, a confidante, a partner in crime, and a pal. She’s a sounding board, a storyteller, a sympathetic ear, and a kindred spirit. Niece, I’m so glad that we’re best friends. Have an awesome birthday.

When I became an uncle, I had no idea what lay ahead: laughter, games, inside jokes, toys, gifts, play dates, rainy days and fun in the sun, and birthdays and family gatherings with one of the sweetest and most thoughtful girls I’ve ever known. Your imagination, smarts, kindness, sense of humor, and creativity have been a privilege to witness all these years. Happy birthday, niece.

Niece, I know we haven’t always been close, and as you grow older, I wish I could know you better. Even though the miles separate us, you are here in my heart, and I am genuinely glad to call you family. I hope you have a joyful birthday.

Happy birthday, niece! As you reflect on your life up until now, remember that you have always had someone who loved you, cared about you, listened to your heart, celebrated with you, cried with you, and laughed with you. I am so incredibly glad that I got to be that someone.

To the cutest, brightest, and sweetest little niece in the whole wide world, happy birthday! I look forward to watching you grow up, and I hope this next year is full of fun, excitement, and amazing discoveries.

Niece, I have watched you blossom from a tiny baby into an energetic little girl and into a gorgeous, smart, and capable young woman. I look forward to seeing what life has in store for you next. All the best on your birthday!

I am so thankful that God has blessed me with a niece like you, and I pray that this next year will be a blessing to you. Happy birthday, sweetie.