Birthday Wishes for Boss

To a wonderful boss on your birthday
I hope today is the day everything finally goes your way
Spend it any way you like and enjoy what you do
This is your moment to shine and celebrate, too

Happy birthday to a great boss who is always there for the group
No matter what we need, you will jump through any hoop
We appreciate you and all that you do
Celebrate your birthday with gifts and cake, too

Dear boss on your special birthday
I just want to take the time to say
I enjoy working for you each day
And hope you celebrate in a special way


Hey boss, take some time off for your special day
Enjoy the gifts, cake, and good wishes that are coming your way
We will be thinking of you as you celebrate all day
Here’s to happiness coming your way

I just wanted to take the time to tell you how much I enjoy working for you
I respect you and learn from all the things that you do
I hope you have a wonderful birthday this year
I am sending you wishes of happiness and good cheer

Happy birthday, boss, on your very special day
We’ll try hard today to not get in your way
We will let you celebrate and enjoy your moment in the sun
But tomorrow we’ll be back to our usual fun!

Today is such a special day for you
Enjoy yourself and happy birthday, too
As far as bosses go, you are the best
We would pick you out of all of the rest

Take a moment to reflect on all of your accomplishments in your own special way
You deserve recognition and praise on this, your own birthday
Boss, I look up to you and think highly of you
I respect your decisions and all that you do
I hope you have a wonderful day filled with good fun
Enjoy your birthday, Boss #1

On your birthday, you deserve a very special treat
As far as bosses go, you can’t be beat
I hope you have a happy birthday this year
I’m sending your lots of good wishes, hope, and good cheer

Today is your birthday, and I want to take a moment to say thank you
For always listening, guiding, sharing, and showing us what to do
We hope you have a fantastic day and that you smile all along
You never know, we might just burst out in song…

I have many wishes on this, your birthday
Boss, I wish you joy and happiness in every way
Delight in your dreams and indulge yourself today
Do whatever you like and say what you want to say
Your birthday only comes once a year
So make it a great day filled with cheer

How will you spend your birthday this year?
With balloons, good wishes and lots of good cheer?
Or would you rather have snacks and a cold beer?
Take your time, boss, and have no fear
We will stand ready to take orders right here
We’ll try to make your day the best
Instead of like all the rest!