Birthday Wishes for Daughter from Dad

On your birthday, my daughter dear
There are some things I wish to make clear.
You are the apple of my eye
And the song in heart.
You are the most beautiful
And precious girl in the world.
You are more than I asked for
And More than I could imagine.
Happy birthday, beautiful daughter,
My very favorite thing.

Happy birthday, happy birthday, my sweet girl
Because today is the day I want to give you the whole world.
There are times when I’m not sure what to say,
But I know that you get more beautiful every day.
Happy birthday, my daughter, my girl,
Because you will always be my world.

There are things, my girl, that I must confess.
I was never sure how to tie that bow in your dress.
I don’t know how to handle all the braids,
But I do know that you are sweet in so many ways.
Happy birthday, my girl, and I’ll try my best
To be the father, your very best.

Sometimes, my sweet girl, I don’t know what to say
Because your birthday means so much to me in every way.
You are such a beautiful and sweet thing
And I know only one more thing.
I hope this is the best day for you
Because something special should happen to someone so true.

My sweet girl, your birthday is here,
And I want you to celebrate with incredible cheer.
You are glee to everyone you meet,
And your heart is something that cannot be beat.
Please remember how special you are,
Because your heart has taken you this far.

There are times when you grow up, dear girl,
That I’m not sure what’s happened to the world.
You are such a precious thing
That you make my heart sing.
I hope you have a special day
Because you make the world better in every way.

Happy birthday, happy birthday, my dear
You are to my heart everything dear.
I want you to know all the things you done
My heart they have won.
Have the best day you can
Because, for us, that is the plan.

I hope you have a lovely birthday, my sweet
Because you have a heart that could not be beat.
There is something about who you are
That has brought you near and far.
As you venture out into the world,
Please remember your old man’s words.
I love you, daughter.

My sweet girl, on your birthday I need you to see
That you are one who brings nothing but glee.
I am so proud of all that you are
Because you are have come so very far.
Please take this day to have for me
The best day that it can possibly be.

My special girl, please enjoy this day
Because you make our family so special in every way.
We hope that you have a wonderful time,
But remember that your Dad is the one who worries about you all the time.
This is the day just for you,
And I hope it is not blue
Because you deserve only the best
And never any regrets.