Birthday Wishes for Nephew from Uncle

Happy 1st birthday, sweet little nephew.
I can’t believe it’s been a year!
You’ve changed our lives in so many ways,
And now it’s been made oh so clear!
No matter how many children enter my life,
I will always hold you, my nephew, dear.

It’s been just 2 years since you were born,
Years of watching my nephew grow.
I only hope that as more years go by,
The sweet boy that I’ve come to know
Will always stay my buddy, my friend.
Throughout our lives, together we go,
Friends for life no matter what you know.

So now you’re 5, sweet little nephew!
Your uncle wishes you a great birthday.
I’ll be there with gifts and joy,
To wish that as you grow, you’ll stay
The wonderful, happy boy
Whom we celebrate today!

Dearest nephew, please accept the very best
Birthday wishes from your beloved uncle!
For these many years, my life has been blessed
With a nephew sweet and kind, our family’s angel.
Enjoy your day, celebrating joyfully with every guest,
Know that even if I’m far away, I’ll keep your annual
Day to fĂȘte your birth, wishing you always all the best!

Hello, teenager! Today you’re the big 1-3!
I’m so proud that you’ve reached this milestone,
Well on your way to becoming full grown.
You’re a credit to our branch on the family tree,
A good, strong lad as any can see.
Best wishes to you today from your very proud uncle!

Nephew, I am so proud that you’ve now gained
The milestone we were once all proud to attain.
18 years means a big step into manhood,
Between high school’s friendships good
And college’s adventures speeding
Our lives to adulthood leading.

Now that you’re a man, dearest nephew,
With a family of your own safely nestled in your arms,
I can rest easy watching your growing crew
Become another branch of our family with all their charms.
With sons and nephews of your own, you can now view
Them much as I’ve watched you all these years anew.

Footballs, soccer cleats, kites and a model plane,
Your boyhood lies strewn around your room.
Your uncle remembers each toy soldiers’ campaign
As we fought so many historical battles to their doom.
As you grow each birthday year, your manhood you’ll attain.
Best wishes, nephew, for another year that will also will seem to zoom.