Funny Birthday Wishes for Teachers

You make learning so much fun, and we wanted to let you know you’re number one! Happy Birthday to the best teacher!

Your hard work makes us who we are. We are the best we can be because of the value you see. Happy Birthday from Grade 3!!

To the best and most fantastic teacher there is- Happy Birthday! May your day bring you joy and happiness!

Happy Birthday to a teacher who is cool, enjoy your day and pull up a stool! Let us adore you, on this your special day. We will now give you quiet time and go outside to play!

Dear teacher, you have given me the knowledge to succeed in life. I have learned discipline, friendship and more from one special person. I wish you all of the best on your special day.

You are our teacher, our special teacher. You make us happy, when we want to learn. You’ll never know how much we thank you, so please enjoy your special day.

As you teach us with pride, we are here for the ride! We know you are the best, so enjoy the very best of this your special birthday today!

As we pay attention in class as you teach about stars, we know that teachers must be from Mars! Happy Birthday from your favorite stars!

To a mentor who has taught us so much more than basics in the classroom, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. The love that you have for our class shows with all of the fun we have and the lessons we learn. Happy Birthday!

I have dreamed of having a special teacher like you in school. You have a place in my heart, and I hope that you have a wonderful birthday as you are cherished by not only me but everyone you come in contact with.

You are a teacher who sends us home with not only homework but a way to think about how to succeed in life. Thank you for all that you do, and enjoy your blessed day!

You have taught us about the elements and that two plus two is four. There is not a teacher we could love more! Happy Birthday!

I have never had a teacher as cool as you. You are like a Popsicle on a hot day, a masterpiece made of clay. This is all to say, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

While you tolerate us all year long, take today to let loose and let us shower you with praise. You are now allowed to party with the best class ever and enjoy a break from tests and reading. Happy Birthday!

Compared to education, there is not a gift sweeter. We hope that you will enjoy this day as we enjoy every day that we are in the classroom with you. We appreciate you more than you know.

A teacher is like a second parent who loves us and guides us. You have made the classroom like a second home, and we want to celebrate you on your special day!