20th Birthday Wishes

No longer can you blame mistakes on being a “dumb teen.”
But don’t worry, at 20 years, there’s many more to be seen.
You’ll run into problems that arise so suddenly,
But you’ll overcome them to become all you can be.
I know that you’re maybe excited, maybe a little scared,
But don’t worry, we’re by your side, we clearly still care.
We’ll be here for the ups and downs just like we always are,
Whether you need a laugh, a cry, or just a ride in our car.
Because as you turn twenty years old on this great day,
We know you won’t let anything stop you or block your way!

Happy 20th Birthday!

For twenty years I’ve watched you as you have learned and grown,
My I can’t believe how fast these twenty years have flown.
You are truly to the world a special kind of light,
You’re strong and smart and resilient and try to do what’s right.
The amazing memories I have from the two decades
Are flying by in my mind like a bunch of long parades!
From an infant to a child and then a teen,
I was there to see each stage, and all those in between.
So, now you’re an adult, don’t let things in your way,
But take a moment to celebrate: Have a Happy Birthday!

People might expect you to be all grown up now you’re twenty,
But don’t worry, fun’s not done, there’s still time for plenty.
The shenanigans you’ll find yourself getting into
Might take many by surprise, perhaps even you!
Some of the crazy things that you’ll experience now
Might seem awful, but they will make you better somehow.
You’ll have your heart broken maybe a couple times,
You might have days you’re so broke you’re counting all your dimes.
In your twenties you have so much left yet to live through,
And I can’t wait to see just how amazing it makes you!
With all your life ahead of you, I’ve got just one thing to say,
I hope you have the happiest day of all on your birthday!

My friend, we’ve seen so many things together side by side.
We’ve seen ups and downs and things that made us run and hide.
Sometimes we argued, squabbled, bickered, debated, and fought,
But just like siblings, realized we loved each other more than we thought.
Partners in crime, best friends forever, we’ll see each other through,
All the good times and the bad that come to me and you.
But today the serious things are just going to have to wait,
Because it’s your birthday and that means it’s time to celebrate!

Happy 20th Birthday!

This is the age you really do become a big adult.
Without your “foolish teen” excuse, you’ll have to take the fault
Every time you make a mistake that’s small or large,
Never fear, though, because your responsible side will take charge!
That’s just what it means to live in an adult way,
You’ll learn that now that it’s your 20th birthday!

Happy 20th Birthday!

It’s not every single day that you will turn twenty,
So you’d better work it, flaunt it, and own it now, honey!

Happy 20th Birthday, To Fabulous You!