84th Birthday Wishes

Today is the day we celebrate you
You have so much more to do –
Skills to teach and stories to tell
You are our family’s well
Of strength, love and so much more
We’re so glad to help you celebrate birthday eighty-four.

Eighty-four years ago today
A special baby came to stay.
He grew into a man, and then a mentor
Because of him our lives have a center
Of honor, wisdom and empathy
Enjoy our good wishes on your special day.

It’s hard to believe it’s been eighty-four years
For so long you’ve taught us, advised us and dried our tears.
We’ve always known we could come to you
When life left us not knowing what to do.
Though you don’t like a fuss, we just had to say
We love you and we’re looking forward to your next birthday.

Dear Grandmother, today is your day to have a seat
You’re the guest of honor.
After eighty-four years you keep getting stronger
We hope you enjoy this birthday treat –
No one ever had a grandmother so sweet.
But today, Grandmother, please rest your feet
Let us tend to you and do all that you do
Your happiness makes this day complete.

Once upon a time, a family tree grew
The branches were many, steady and true.
We built our nests with loving advice from you
And from our tree our families flew.
Your love is stronger than anything life could undo
Happy eighty-fourth birthday and thank you for everything that you do.

It’s your birthday and eighty-four years are not enough
To tell you about all the of the love
We hold in our hearts for you.
With your guidance, we grew up true
We still come to you when we don’t know what to do.
We’ve tried to learn all your ways
But we can’t do enough for you on your birthday.

We’re both eighty-four now, my dear friend
We grew up and learned together.
Life wasn’t easy but we had each other
Your friendship made difficult times smoother.
Together we’ll face the joys ahead
Our lifelong friendship is an unbroken thread.

Father, on your eighty-fourth birthday
I’m so proud to say that I’m your son.
From the time I was a boy you taught me the words to say
The things to do and the ways to behave
To grow into a man like you.
Father, I still need your guidance
And being your son gives me so much pride.

Dear sister, eighty-four years ago
You came into my life.
We had our share of happy days
And a little bit of strife.
But as sisters do, we always forgave
And came together in hard days.
Now is the day I honor you
With cheer and memories and smiles.

Grandmother, I’m one of many
On your family tree
Though I can’t be with you on this day
I know you think of me
As just a little child –
And you I see
The way you were when I was very small.
Please take this birthday wish
And multiply by eighty-four
All the years I’ve loved you
And then add just one more.