20th Birthday Wishes for Brother

It is sometimes strange to think of you
Taking classes at college,
Working hard at your job
Or cruising around town in your car
Because you are still my little brother.
I remember playing with you in the sandbox
And watching you roughhouse with your friends.
You may still have a wild side,
But the sight of you fills me with pride.

Your 20’s will go by so fast,
But you are going to have a blast!
I cannot wait to spend time with you
So that I can enjoy your 20’s too.

You are growing into a great young man,
But I always knew you would never be anything less than
The smart, kind, loyal brother that I love.
Whether you are feeling high or low,
You will always have a place to go.
I am here for you and wishing you well on your birthday.

I criticize your hair and style
Because big sisters have to tease.
However, you always make me smile.
Thinking of you fills me with ease
Because you are so capable and strong.
You know it is true.
Your big sister is never wrong!

I am wishing you a sunny, exciting day!
I will even let you get your way
Since it is your birthday.

When we were kids,
I always told everyone
That I had the best big brother.
I never really stopped
Singing your praises.
I tell anyone who listens
About my brother who amazes
And encourages me.
I hope you can always see
The positive influence you had on me
And know how much I love you.
Happy 20th birthday!

You have been an adult for a few years
And are almost old enough
To legally enjoy a few beers.
You are growing up so fast,
But this is still just the beginning.
There are so many wonderful moments ahead,
And I cannot wait to see you enjoy your 20’s.
Whatever you get up to will surely leave me grinning.

We have always been close,
And I do not think we need
To reminiscence about the past.
I want to focus on your future,
And all the memories we will create.
I am hoping your 20th birthday
And everyday after is great.

Whether we start joking around
Or find something to argue about,
Everyone knows to stand back.
However, I do not want to have a row.
I just want to celebrate the funniest,
Most annoying brother I know.

You are turning 20,
Which makes me feel old.
However, I can not hold
A grudge. You may be younger,
But there is plenty about you
That I love.

We have always gotten into trouble together,
And even as we grow up that will never change.
You and I are not just family but partners in crime.
I am sure we will be busy wreaking havoc in no time.
Happy birthday to my crafty, entertaining brother.

You are my favorite brother,
But you are also the only
One I have. However,
I love you like no other.
You are the only sibling I ever needed.
My expectations were truly exceeded
When you came into my life.