70th Birthday Wishes for Coworker / Colleague

Happy 70th birthday to a great coworker and good friend
I have many birthday wishes I want to send
I wish you a day filled with laughter and glee
I wish you moments of joy and jubilee
You deserve moments of bliss and delight
Because you are one in a million in my sight

To a great colleague whom I hold in high esteem
You know how to work as part of a team
I respect your work and all that you do
Have a happy 70th birthday, and enjoy your day, too

Dear colleague, I cherish the time we have worked together here
You have always been so kind, caring, and such a dear
I wish you a fabulous 70th birthday
Enjoy your day, celebrate, and play

To a coworker I admire on her 70th birthday
I hope your day is pleasant, and I pray
That your heart of filled with laughter and mirth
As you celebrate the wondrous occasion of your birth

Happy 70th birthday to a colleague I consider to be a friend
Let me take this moment to make sure I send
Good wishes for your special day
And to wish all of your cares away
I hope this year is the best one yet
You are one of the sweetest people I have ever met

To my colleague and my friend extraordinaire
We lean on each other when work seems to be too much to bear
Thank you for always being there to help me along the way
I appreciate your friendship and hope you have a great 70th birthday

A 70th birthday is a huge milestone and quite a treat
As far as coworkers go, you can’t be beat
I don’t know what I would do without you every day
Enjoy your special day and celebrate in a great way

Dearest colleague, I admire you for all that you are
You shine to use all like the brightest star
We enjoy your company each and every day
And want you to know we appreciate you in every way
Happy 70th birthday to a special person here
We wish you a most pleasant day filled with cheer

Dear coworker and friend, I admire the professionalism you show
Each and every day as we are faced with new challenges to help us grow
I appreciate the way you work with me to get things done
Even though the job is hard and not always fun
I wish you a happy 70th birthday
Celebrate in style and in a grand way

As far as colleagues go, I think you are the best
You make things fun and stand out from the rest
I can count on you to put a great spin on the day
You find the joy in life and make you own way
I appreciate your friendship and your smile
Have a happy 70th birthday and celebrate with fabulous style

You come to work each day with such style and such grace
I love to see your big heart and smiling face
I am so happy that you are my coworker and friend
I hope we have a special relationship that will never end
Happy 70th birthday on this special day
Make sure you celebrate in a phenomenal way