22th Birthday Wishes

Wishing you a blissful day
Filled with peace and love and play!
Happy Birthday!

Birthday wishes short and sweet
With yummy cakes and tasty treats.
Moments shared with loving friends.
Love and fun that never ends.

Wishing you joy and laughter
For this day and many after

Just dropping in to say
I hope you have a happy day!

Peace, love, laughter
Today and forever after

I hope you day has love in store
for this day and many more

Sun, moon, clouds, stars
lands both near and far
friends gathered close to say
happy happy happy day

May your day be filled with love
May your friends be close at hand
May the sun shine down from above
And flood joy to the land
Happy birthday!

Birthday love is ours to share
From everyone, everywhere
We’ve all come out here to say
Happy, happy, happy birthday!

A year is moments strung on threads of love, hope, and dreams.
We celebrate a year bursting at the seams
with joy and memories and fun to share
With a friend so fair
May you enjoy the day
Happy birthday!

There once was a girl twenty two
Who partied in high stripper shoes
She had a few drinks
And puked in the sink
So much for her new hairdo

You are the light of my life,
my strong and loving wife.
Each day from above
Brings new spark, new love
On this day, I celebrate you
And I will be forever true
My beacon in the gray
I wish you happy birthday

Our strongest wishes, warmest love
Wishing you light from above
Hearty grins, tinkling laughter
For this day and many after
Happy birthday!

A beacon in the night,
A shining, brilliant light.
A smile in the crowd,
A laugh, true and loud.
Wishing you all good things.
All the joy this day brings.

All that this day brings,
The truest and happiest things.
May your day be
Be filled only with glee.

A raised glass, with honor and glory
Tells your life, your moment, your story
We gather to share in all that you are.
We gather to celebrate near and far.
All the lives touched, all that will be.
May your day be nothing but happy.

The years go quicker
When you’ve had liquor.
Happy Birthday!

Cake, hats, gifts, and wine
All the goods for party time
Ready for a happy day
food and fun spent your way

May your road be smooth and clear
May your smiles outnumber tears
May your friends be true and strong
May your life be good and long
May your charm open any door
For this year and many more

Wishing you a special day
Full of spice and fun
A party to last the whole year through
That extends past when the day is done

Light the candles, wrap the gifts
Bring out the cake and beer
Let’s get this party underway
The birthday girl is here!