65th Birthday Wishes for Mom

To my mother:
I’ve loved it all that you create
Your inspiration is truly great.
Now you’re wondering, what’s the fuss?
It’s your 65th birthday
And it’s on us!

Happy 65th birthday to my mother.
(Even though you never gave me a brother!)
I wish you dreams that do come true.
And just remember we’re thinking of you!

Blow out the candles on your cake. A wonderful wish I hope you make. And when that wish I hope comes true. Remember that it’s because of you. Happy 65th birthday, to a mom I love so much.

Mom, you are more beautiful today on your 65th birthday than I have ever seen you. I love you, and I wish you the best birthday possible.

Mom, here is a birthday wish to let you know how much you are appreciated. You have turned me into the person I am today, and I thank you for it more than you know. Happy 65th birthday to the best mom in the world.

Happy 65th birthday to a mom more beautiful, more caring, more intelligent and more wonderful than all the rest! Love you!

When I was little, you healed my cuts and scrapes. In high school, you were a shoulder to cry on when things went wrong with friends. In college, you taught me how to grow up a strong and intelligent person and how to pursue my dreams. And now, you are a caring and loving presence in my life and the lives of your grandchildren. All along the way, you’ve been my best friend, mom. Happy 65th birthday.

Happy 65th birthday to the coolest mom I know! All my friends are jealous that I have such a beautiful, smart and funny mother, and it’s easy to see why.

It’s your 65th birthday, Mom, and I just wanted to say how thankful I am to have you in my life. I hope this day brings you wonderful times and joyous memories of your friends and family and how much we care for you.

To a mom who still knocks ’em dead: Happy 65th birthday, and may we celebrate many more together.

Happy 65th birthday to the best chef, best nurse, best handy-woman and best teacher I’ve ever known: my mom!

It’s been so wonderful celebrating your birthdays with you and the rest of our family and friends over the years, Mom. Now you’re turning 65, and I can’t wait for all of the birthdays we will celebrate in the future. Here’s to the best mom in the world!

To a wonderful friend and mother: Happy 65th birthday! I couldn’t have made it this far in life without you, Mom.

When it comes to moms, you take the cake. Happy 65th birthday, Mom, and I hope you get to take the very best cake this year!

I am proud to call you my mother, and on this, your 65th birthday, I want to take a moment to tell you how much I admire and look up to you. You are exactly the mom I hope to be one day, and I treasure all of our time together. Happy birthday to the best mom around!

When I think about the children I will raise one day and the mother I would like to be to them, I think of you. Happy 65th birthday, Mom. You deserve one heck of a day.

Mom, on your 65th birthday, I hope you take the day to realize what a wonderful person you are and to pamper yourself to the max. You deserve a day of love, joy and peace, today and every day. Happy birthday.

When I see other moms, all I can think of is how thankful I am to have you as my own. Happy 65th birthday, Mom.