24th Birthday Wishes

I can tell that you are excited by the look on your face.
There is no limit to your potential to conquer this place.
It has been decades since I was a lucky kid your age.
Have a great 24th birthday celebration, from a wise old sage.

Everyone thinks they have the world figured out at 24.
You’re fresh out of college and ready to pursue even more.
Do not rush things, or forget to enjoy the journey along the way to the top.
Your mother and I will be there when it is time to open shop.

It is never easy to see a child grow out of needing their mom.
Times that you were sad or scared, I could simply hold your face in my palm.
You’ve become a man now, and I hope that I’ve done a good job teaching you.
Enjoy your 24th birthday, but try not to do anything that I wouldn’t do.

Each day that I see you, I am proud of the woman that you have become.
It wasn’t that long ago that you were jumping rope while popping your bubble gum.
You probably think that at 24 you’ve got everything figured out.
It’s okay to still give me a call anytime you’re in doubt.

Watching my little brother grow up has brought me such joy.
Any time I wanted to make you happy, all it took was a cheap toy.
Unfortunately, everything get a lot more expensive at 24.
You’ve got a home, vehicle, and family to save for.

You’re a strong role model, and the absolute coolest guy I’ve ever met.
Standing up for me against childhood bullies put me in your debt.
I hope you get everything you wish for your 24th birthday.
It would make me happy to grow up to be as smart as you one day.

Time has gone by so fast enjoying the time with my best friend.
It seems like we just graduated high school, but here we are at 24.
You’re sure to have a memorable party that I’m anxious to attend.
I will buy you drinks until we wake up on the floor.

I don’t know how people get by in life without a fabulous girl like you around.
You’re beautiful, smart, and manage to keep your feet on the ground.
No one deserves more than you as we celebrate you 24th year in life.
One day you are going to be such an amazing mother and wife.

I love that your smile can light up the worst time.
You turn 24 today, and you’re still living in your prime.
Never stop looking at the world with the positivity that you do.
You’re such a one-of-a-kind that you belong in a zoo.

My lovely little girl is no longer a baby anymore.
It is difficult for me to see that you are already turning 24.
There is not a thing that you could do that I wouldn’t be proud of.
Taking care of you to raise a great woman was a labor of love.