25th Birthday Wishes

You’re out of the gate; you’ve had a great start
You’ve now reached the quarter century mark
I know there are many great things you’ll do
Everyone has such high hopes for you
So now that you’ve reached your 25th year
I’m sending warm wishes and birthday cheer

You’re young and vibrant with lots to share
You can shoot for the moon if you dare
Already I see you’ve accomplished so much
You’re the young kid with the golden touch
I’m sure there are many good things in store
Happy 25th birthday to you and many more

You always dazzle us with your usual flair
You handle life’s obstacles with great care
You’re just starting to make your dreams come true
Happy 25th birthday, I’m wishing the best for you

Wherever you may go in life, whatever you may be
You are someone who’s always been special to me
May you have great success in all that you do
I’m sending happy 25th birthday greetings to you

You have always been warm and friendly and great to be around
You know how to have fun, yet you’ve got your feet on the ground
In the good times and the bad, you always stand firm and tall
You’re taking charge of your life, making the most of it all
So I’m wishing you all the best on this your special day
Happy 25th birthday wishes I’m sending straight your way

I don’t know what you’ve been told
But 25 is certainly not old
There are great things for you ahead
And now that that’s been said
Birthday greetings I do send
May your good times never end

I just know that you won’t be held back
You’ll always be at the head of the pack
You’re the type who is going to lead
Whatever you do, I’m sure you’ll succeed
Happy 25th birthday to one of a kind
Wishing all the joy that you can find

That you’re 25, I can hardly believe it’s true
I know you’ll be successful in all that you do
But be sure to enjoy yourself along the way
While you’re working so hard, take time to play
Happy birthday greetings I’m sending your way
I hope you make the most of your special day

You’re one of the best, you’re the cream of the crop
In everything you do, you’ll always be on top
You’ll handle with finesse all that life brings
So on your birthday I’m wishing you great things
And now there’s only one thing left to say
Have a great 25th, happy birthday

It’s time to get dressed up and gather our friends
Let’s have a great time from beginning to end
Your birthday is something I want to share
I want to show you how much I really do care
You’re a great person on the inside and out
Happy 25th birthday I say with a shout

Let’s celebrate, let’s sing a song
On this special day we can’t go wrong
Open your presents, eat lots of cake
Great new memories we will make
Happy 25th birthday, and when we’re done
You’ll always look back on your birthday fun