29th Birthday Wishes

Through the years
Through your tears
Through all of our many fears
If there’s one thing you must know today
I hope it’s that I’m here to stay

Only when ready are you past your prime. Enjoy turning 25 for the fifth time.

Our lives have gone by quite too fast
We always have just such a blast
But there’s one thing I can’t get past:
How are we going to make it last?

Last year’s party was quite the tale
Lots of care in every detail
I’m sure I ate more than a whale
So here’s the bill for my broken scale

I hear you’re turning the big two-nine
I hope you get better with age, like wine
Your pride in this number is just so fine
Shout it out loud (but please don’t say mine!)

As time goes on
It’s clear to see
All the things you’ve given me
Though taken for granted by some
I’m honored to see the person you’ve become

Do all that you can to ring in your big day.
Go wild, let loose, party and play.
Make sure to be frisky, fun and flirty.
Quick! Do it now before you turn 30!

One more year passed
One more opened door
I hope to be there to see 29 more

Older you are
Another year down
But don’t spend the day just moping around
If you fear you’ve lost your youthful glow
Look at it this way…
You’re still not the big 3-0.

To see you grow older
My, what a treat
Here is my wish
That your day will be sweet

Now you’re almost 30, I hear
It will come sooner than you think, my dear
Rest assured there’s nothing to fear
Just tell them you’re 29 again next year

Your 20s seem to quickly go by
You always feel the time does fly
If next year you feel like crying
Remember, MY age is terrifying!

I hope you receive all you wish for
Gifts, balloons, cake and ice cream
Have the greatest celebration
May your day be quite the dream

Turning 29 begins a new stage
Given great gifts in large amounts
There’s so much hype about that age
So how long til’ your senior discounts?

As children we wish that time would hurry
As years pass we begin to worry
This is the start of something new
Aim for the best in all you do

Eat your ice cream
Eat your cake
We all knew what a fuss you’d make
May all your gifts be lots of fun
I’m sorry to say that I brought none

I know you thought it skipped my mind
(Although your memo was underlined)
How could I possibly forget?
Your gift put me in loads of debt!

The end of an era
It’s not so bad
Think of all the fun we’ve had
Although I’ve seen you squirm and fidget
Your age is simply just two digits

I’m sure I got your perfect gift
I followed your wish list to the letter
I think you know now what this means
My gift has to be even better