28th Birthday Wishes

Getting older is not all about milestones.
You are past your sweet 16,
And you can already drink
And buy lottery tickets.
It may seem like there is nothing else
For you to look forward to.
However, the rest of your life is ahead of you.
I hope your future is bright and wonderful
And that your 28th birthday is too.

You may think you are done growing up.
Your childhood is behind you,
But we are never done developing.
You are already so amazing,
And you will only get better
As time goes on.
Every challenge and each new dawn
Will only make you stronger,
And knowing you will continue to be an honor.

Your 20’s have been full of live and fun,
But your adventures are not yet done.
You do not have to mourn your youth
Because you are energetic and vibrant.
The years ahead are not downhill.
Feel free to dance, move and explore
Until you have had your fill.

You have only gotten better with age,
And I know you will be alright
As you begin to turn the next page
In your life. I wish that everything
You dream of comes true
And that you accomplish
Everything you want to do.

You have grown into a wonderful adult.
You are mature, wise and have a great job.
I know success is in your future and that
I do not have to worry about your life.
However, I still think about you and
Wish you a life full of love and joy.
May you not just have a stable income
And a solid, steady environment.
I hope you find someone to spend your life with
And that you both experience many adventures.
May you always be in a good place,
And end each day with a smile on your face.

This may sound cheesy,
But have a blast on your birthday.
Take it easy,
And spend the day in good cheer.
I cherish every moment you are near.

It seems like you have
Always been a part of my life.
I am glad to have a friend
That I have known for so long.
Thanks for supporting me
When I could not be strong,
Sharing your stories,
Laughing with me
And forgiving me
When I was wrong.
Happy birthday!
You deserve the very best
Because a friend like you
Makes me feel so blessed.

Your friendship is something
I can always count on.
It does not matter how much we age
Because I can always depend on you,
And I will always be there for you too.

There is no one else like you.
That is a shame because
The world would be a better place
If everyone shared your spirit,
Optimism, determination and loyalty.
Have a great 28th birthday,
And spend your day
Getting pampered like royalty.

Parenting seems like a scary undertaking,
But we were lucky to get a child who
Was really a saint in the making.
We worried and stressed
Because it is normal, but we got
A kid who was so moral.
You have always made us proud,
And we know we will continue to be wowed
By you and your generous soul.