35 year old Birthday Wishes

We are both worried about getting older,
But 35 is not the end of the road.
Age has made us wiser and bolder
Even if we sometimes go into panic mode.
I am amazed by the people we have become
And am glad I knew you throughout the years.
Have a wonderful 35th birthday!

Whether the sun is shining or
The weather threatens to put you
In a gloomy mood,
I hope you have a lighthearted,
Cheerful birthday.
I look forward to seeing you soon!

Birthdays can make people sad
Because they measure the passing
Of time. However, they are
A reminder of your progress.
They also give your loved ones
An occasion to dote on you.
Use today to remember fond stories,
And throw away all your worries.
Many people including me are
Wishing you a great 35th birthday.

You are so passionate and vibrant,
And I hope your birthday brings
Lots of excitement.
Whether you are 35 or 102,
You are someone others can
Always look up to.

You may notice wrinkles
And sore muscles, but you
Will always be young at heart.
The pains of growing older show
That you live your life well
And have stories to tell.
Your spirit is timeless and
Something I have always treasured.
We get older, but I know our
Bond will never be severed.
Happy birthday!

Whether you take the day off work
To relax and enjoy a perk
Or Two or spend the day tending to
Others, know that I am thinking of you.
You deserve to take a break
And enjoy a slice of birthday cake!

You live far away,
But you are always in my thoughts.
May you have a brilliant birthday
That is full of good cheer.
You are a wonderful friend
Whether you are far or near.

Time seems to go by so fast,
But I know our friendship will always last.
I do not know where the years will lead us
Or what changes will come to pass,
But I will always be appreciative
Of your courage and sass.
I cannot wait to see what the future brings,
But I know it will be filled with good things!

I do not want to be trite,
And I would rather get to the point.
Knowing you is an absolute delight.
May your future be beautiful and bright.
Happy 35th birthday!

Most people do not give birthday gifts
When the recipient is an adult.
Grown ups are picky and
Already have everything they want,
But this is an opportunity
To speak from my heart.
You are special and always offer support.
You are an amazing friend and a wonderful
Presence in my life. I hope that
I often return all the favors
You have given me. Enjoy and savor
your special moment. Happy 35th birthday!
If you feel like getting a treat,
We can go shopping together and
Search for something sweet.

It is your birthday, but I feel like
I am the one getting a gift.
Days with you are like a present,
And our time together is always well spent.
Thanks for being a fun and fascinating friend.
May our good times never end!