70th Birthday Wishes Uncle

To a very special uncle on his 70th birthday
I wish you joy and happiness in the most gracious way
I have nothing but love for you in my heart
I apologize that we have to spend this day apart
Please know that I am sending great wishes your way
And hope that those good feelings will stay

Dearest uncle, please know that I simply adore you for the man you are
In my eyes, you will always be a shining star
You are an example to me of how to live my life the right way
You deserve the best and most special 70th birthday

Happy 70th birthday, my sweet uncle and good friend always
I hope your friendship and affection for me always stays
As strong and confident as it is right now
I honestly will really never know how
We created this bond that just pulls us together
No matter what, I hope this lasts forever
Thank you for your guidance through the years
Thank you for helping me through my fears

How did I wind up with an uncle as wonderful as you are
I have looked everywhere and from what I can tell so far
You are truly the best uncle, the smartest, and wisest, too
No one else has succeeded in as many ways as you
I must be lucky to have wound up with you as my guide
I can’t go wrong with you by my side
Have a great 70th birthday; I know there is a lot of good in store
I hope your day is wonderful and you have many, many more

Another year has crept up on us quicker than I thought it possibly could
If time could slow down, I guess it would
Instead, the hands of time seem to move faster every day
I hope your 70th birthday is special in every way
Try to take a moment out of your busy schedule to enjoy it
You deserve to be happy for every single minute

The hands of time are moving forward even when we forget
I wish that time could slow down if even for a minute
The years are passing us by, but you seem almost ageless
Now, there are some things I must confess
I have always envied your style, wisdom, and grace
I have always admired the warm smile on your face
It is with sincere graciousness I wish you a special 70th birthday
Spent in the most wonderful and awesome way

Happy, happy 70th birthday to an uncle I respect
You have helped me in more ways than I could ever expect
You have listened to my concerns and helped me face my fears
You have even helped me dry my tears
There is no one who offers more strength and comfort than you
You show such wisdom and charisma in all that you do

How do I let you know how much I love you, uncle dear
It is with a caring heart and with wishes sincere
That I say happy 70th birthday to a special man
Who takes the time to help all those he can