35th Birthday Wishes for Brother

Having a brother like you has truly been a treat.
Playing, fighting, and running around was always really neat.
Now we’re all grown up, big, mature adults.
Expected to let bygones be bygones, put no one at fault.

But sibling squabbles and rivalries never really die,
Even so, you’re still – as always – one of my favorite guys.
Through all the ups and downs we’ve had over all the years,
I couldn’t have asked for a better person to share my dreams and fears.

A brother like you understands that it’s okay to tease.
But if others try to mess with us, we defend each other with ease.
So on an occasion like this, I have only one small thing to say.
Go have fun, grab a drink, and have a Happy 35th Birthday!

B is for Bragging about how awesome you are.
R is for Reveling as I watched you go far.
O is for Our little secrets we share.
T is for Trusting you’ll always be there.
H is for Happy, that’s how you make me feel.
E is for Every time we shared a meal.
R is for the Really amazing things I’ll say
About my BROTHER on his 35th Birthday!

Whether we were fighting and chasing one another
Or trying to hide the things we broke from our mother.
For a partner in crime I’d have wanted no other
Than you, my amazing, awesome, and perfect brother!

Happy 35th birthday to the best partner in crime anyone could wish for!

I know we pretended to hate each other
Because that’s what siblings just do.
We’d fight and pinch and yell and kick,
Each fight the same, but somehow new.
Whether we were pulling on hair
Or giving someone a wet-willie,
Perhaps just standing behind them
Making a face that’s plain silly,
We truly knew what buttons to push
To get a rise out of one another.
But at the end of the day, I think you know
That I do love you so much, my brother!
After 35 years of love and fights
I have only one thing to do.
I’m here to send a greeting of
“Happy 35th Birthday to You!”

A brother can teach you many things
This I know to be true.
A brother can teach you how to laugh
When you are feeling blue.
A brother can teach you how to love
Just by the way he loves you.
A brother can teach you how to live
And conquer each day anew.
A brother can teach you how to thrive
Oh if only you all knew
Just how much good having a brother
By your side can do.

Happy Birthday to my favorite teacher!

35 years and you still haven’t learned
That I’m always going to be right.
My silly little bro, just flip the switch,
And learn to see the light.

You know that I’m older and wiser and so
You should probably listen to me,
Because I think you’re just dandy and great,
That’s all I want you to see!

I’ll gladly celebrate this amazing day
On which you turn thirty-five,
And I look forward to seeing you grow,
Watching you reach goals and thrive!

Happy Birthday Little Brother!