48th Birthday Wishes

The fact that your birthday is again here
Is proof that you made it another year.
Having the chance to celebrate 48 with you
Gives me hope that I’ll make it too!

Birthdays are a day for love
And it’s you I always think of.
I wouldn’t have it any other way
Than to celebrate with you today.

You just turned forty-eight
And your stomach spreads hate
Because of something you ate.
But it’s still a celebration of life
And I’m glad to be your wife.

What were you thinking
When you went out drinking
Remember, your now forty-eight
And better off home with your mate.

Now that your forty eight
You probably question your fate
Some say you should be dead
But you probably just need a new bed.

I know you only agreed to mingle
Because I’m also once again single
Maybe you never expected this day —
That you’d be alone at forty-eight
Still, we’re going to have a blast
And say “screw you” to our past.

So what’s it going to be
Forever you and me
The way we’re going, maybe not
But at least your still hot.

I know you’re more into eating
Than you are into cheating.
You know better not to touch,
But look you I know you must.
Go ahead enjoy your birthday
I trust that you won’t stray.

Years ago, I wanted to be free
But then, you got to me.
Now you turn forty-eight
You aged not a day too late.
I’m glad that we met
And that we’re together yet.

It’s your day
To get your way
But now I know
I’m not the show
It’s your birthday
Celebrate your way.

Good partners and lovers are hard to find
Glad you keep me from losing my mind.
You’re here to celebrate forty-eight
Thought I’m a year older – not a minute too late.

Over the years, friends have come and gone
But you’ve stayed by my side all along.
It’s a joy to have you here today
Even at forty-eight, you’re still okay.

Life is hard enough to handle
So take time – blow out each candle.
This day celebrates you
For who you are and what you do.

Birthdays come and go but your still here
You’re with me and we made it another year.
I’m glad we’ve been together —
Even made it through tough weather.

The best thing for me to say:
I wish you well and happy birthday.
But there’s so much more in my heart
Such as, I hope you and I never part.

When I was younger I had a plan
That didn’t include taking your hand.
However, I’m glad we made it through
Happy birthday, and I still love you.

I have something to say from my heart
The charm you have is a work of art.
Because of it I’m glad you’re here to stay
And now let’s celebrate your special day!