39th Birthday Wishes

So today is the day you turn thirty-nine.
We cannot believe that it’s true.
Years flew by quickly and you’ve made us so proud
in everything that you do.
Happy 39th Birthday

Today is a special day for the woman I love,
and all is good in our corner of the world.
My hope for you honey, in all that you do
is that you take time to dance and twirl.
You are the best girl a guy could hope for,
and I would give you the moon and stars.
I thank God for blessing my life with you,
and the world He created that is ours.
Happy Birthday Darling

Today is your 39th birthday.
You deserve the best of the best.
Whatever you do, know I am thinking of you,
and I wish you a day of sweet rest.
After an evening of fun and celebration,
may you reflect on the past and smile,
know of my love and adoration,
and a friendship that withstands the miles.
Happy Birthday Dear Friend

You will never pass this day again,
so enjoy it to the fullest.
Wishing you the very best,
from the youngest of us to the oldest.
Happy 39th Birthday from Your Co-workers

Let your day begin with a warm wish for peace
and more happiness than your heart can hold.
As you move through the day’s celebrations,
reflect on the blessing of being 39-years-old.
Today, remember that God made you special,
and know just how much you are loved.
You mean more to us than the moon and the stars,
and for you we thank the Lord above.

Happy 39th Birthday to you,life is no bed of roses it is true,
but count all your blessings, true devotion I am professing
because I love you so much, yes I do.
Happy Birthday Sweetheart!

There once was a boy from somewhere,
who longed to find someone who cared.
Then along came a pretty girl,
who put his heart in a whirl,
now at last their lives they do share.
Happy 39th Birthday Honey!

You are the love of my life
and the man of my dreams.
Not a day goes by that isn’t
as truly magical as it seems.
You make me so very happy
and put my heart in a swoon.
Your 39th birthday is a time
when I want to give you the moon.

I love you honey, today is your day,
do with it what you will!

39 years ago you came into our lives,
and we’ve been blessed everyday since then.
You bring us such happiness and pride,
in fact, you are one of our favorite men.
Happy Birthday, Son

The baby girl we carried home yesterday
grew up before our eyes.
She blossomed into a woman overnight,
who is wonderful and wise.
Today, you turn thirty-nine dear one,
and we love you so much you know.
We hope your day is covered in bliss,
and with joy your heart overflows.
Happy Birthday, Daughter

Today is the first day of the rest of your life,
and they say thirty-nine is just the start,
so may everything good add pizzazz to your day,
and may happiness be ever sweet to your heart.