70th Birthday Wishes for Friend

70th Birthday wishes for a friend

You’ve got 70 years of living
under your belt
And 70 years of giving
we’ve all felt.

Consider this a thank you
for all that you have done
for your family and your friends.
I’m happy to count myself as one.

We’ve been friends
for many years,
through such good times
and through some tears.

We’re not family,
I know that’s true,
but if I could have chosen a sister
it would have been you.

You’re not ready for
a rocking chair,
but when you are
I’ll be right there
to rock beside you
and reminisce
about what we’ve done and
the few things that we missed.

Happy Birthday!

Three score and ten years ago,
as honest Abe might say,
your mother brought forth a child
who would savor each day.

You’ve done that and more
throughout your seventy years
and those of us that know you
are thrilled that you are here.

Happy birthday my friend!

You started off like most of us
as an innocent little girl.
You grew to teen and on to woman
to become a wife – a perfect pearl.

Motherhood came naturally,
and women’s lib brought you a job
so you talents could unfurl.

As a grandma you have found your calling
with your little girl’s little girl.

You’ve been my friend for so very long, and
I’ve loved watching you give life a whirl.

Keep it up girl! Happy Birthday!

You were born as this country moved
from the great depression to another world war.
Your childhood felt the chill
of the frightening Cold War.

You witnessed the birth of rock and roll,
though you were probably more beatnik than hippy.

Your generation has seen
more changes than any other.
All that experience has made you
who you are and I, for one,
am so glad I know you.

Happy Birthday!

The grey hairs upon your head
are like the icing on a cake.

The wrinkles by your eyes highlight
the twinkle that they make.

Your smile, my friend, is heartwarming,
given for friendship’s sake.

Happy Birthday!

Where have all the decades gone,
when we were young
and smart
and strong?

Now our job, it seems, is to
share the wisdom
we’ve accumulated
for so long.

Happy Birthday!

We may be in
the winter season
of our lives,
but, remember summer
before we were wives?

Like nature, life
has cycles and
we’ve grown
and matured
through each.

Maybe it’s time
to become snow-birds
and winter
on the beach.

My bags are packed
old friend.
I’m ready to go.
Just let me know.

Our skin has gone
from baby soft as babies
to tanned and taut
as teens.

The storms we’ve weathered
show on our faces,
but we’re smarter now
with our slower paces.

We can look back and
remember our victories
as we sit in the shade
being cooled by the breeze.

Happy birthday friend!

Friends may come
and friends may go,
but your are of that
special kind that
I’m honored just to know.