40th Birthday Wishes for Brother

From fights in the back seat of the car
To travels and adventures near and far
Through thick and thin, good times and bad
You’ve been there for the happy times and the sad.
Forty years long, we’ve been partners in crime
Forty years long is a very long time.
But you’re forty years old and forty years wise
And here’s to 40 more with one of my favorite guys!
Happy Birthday, Brother!

Well after 39 years, here we go
You’re about to turn the big Four-O!
Some things with age just get more fine,
Like a great whisky or vintage wine.
Others, though, are not so lucky.
Like moldy cheese they just turn yucky.
Applicable to my brother is one of these two!
Which one you think it is, I’ll leave up to you!
Happy 40th birthday to my favorite brother!

Oh the shenanigans we’ve gotten into
Over the years like ‘Thing 1’ and ‘Thing 2.’
With a partner in crime just like you,
There was an abundance of fun things to do.
You showed me the ropes of fun and of life
And you stuck by me through toil and strife.
With arguments and fights our lives might be rife,
And sometimes the tension could be cut with a knife.
But at the end of the day it makes me so happy
To have a brother like you, I know it sounds sappy.
Over 40 years it’s been one heck of a ride
And it wouldn’t have been the same without you by my side!

We’ve tortured each other for 40 long years
We’ve pulled on hair and twisted ears.
We’ve kicked and screamed and yelled and fought,
We’ve hidden and chased and found and caught.
But if anyone else tried to mess with us
We’d rush to each other’s aid and put up a fuss
So furious that others would soon turn away
Because you know that at the end of the day
I’m the only one who gets to make your life hell
Because that’s the privilege of having a brother so swell!
And for 40 long years, oh the fights we’ve had.
And if we continue for 40 more, I’ll be so glad!

The signs of aging sure are setting in.
Playing poker last night, you called ‘Gin!’
You woke up to find your keys in the sink
Your milk’s in the cupboard and starting to stink.
Your “lost” sunglasses are right on your head
And you can’t remember your way to bed.
But don’t worry, it’s all very normal
For someone your age, so don’t feel horrible.
After all, the mind’s first to go!
Happy Birthday on your big 4-0!

Wish you happiness on just one day
Hardly seems like enough.
Limiting my wishes for your joy to just 24 hours
Is going to be really tough.
May your year be filled with happiness
I know a year’s a big wish.
May you have time to run, and relax, and sing
And take a day off to fish.
Do all that you want on this day and this year,
Do this thing, that, and the other!
Words just can’t express all the joy that I wish
For your 40th birthday, my brother!