40th Birthday Wishes for Aunt

An aunt is like the best of both parts
Of a mother and a sister together.
With the guiding, teaching light of a mother
And fun sisterhood bonds that won’t sever.

You’ve taught me so much over the years
And we’ve shared laughs and giggles to boot,
You may feel like you’re “getting old”
But to me that point’s kind of moot.

With an aunt like you in my life
I really couldn’t have been in more luck.
Because without you around to guide my way,
My life probably would have just sucked!

All those years we celebrated my birthdays
And you got to say things like “Oh, gee!
You’re getting older so fast and growing so wise”
Well, now that job goes to me!

With your 40th birthday, I’m sure you’ll get
A lot of jokes cracked here and there
About your age, going over the hill,
And starting to get gray hair.

But you don’t have to worry about me.
I’m going to keep things classy,
Because I know 40’s just a number
And you’re still young, fun, and sassy!

Happy 40th Birthday To An Amazing Aunt!

People pronounce the word “aunt” all sorts of different ways.
Some say “ant” like a picnic, others say “ont” all their days.
But that’s not a dilemma which I must jump into and try to defend.
Because I just pronounce “aunt” by saying “biological friend!”

Happy 40th Birthday to my favorite aunt (however you want to pronounce it)!

Every girl and boy needs a great aunt,
Someone they can truly count on.
Someone who will always be there to teach.
Someone who’s a true confidant.

With an aunt like you I consider myself
One of the luckiest people alive.
You’ve put up with my antics and given advice,
And truly just helped me to thrive.

Now you’re turning 40 and it’s easy to see
That as I grew my love for you did, too.
I’ll consider myself lucky to be
Half of the person I see in you!

Happy Birthday to a truly amazing aunt!

You got to get us noisy drums
Which annoyed the crap out of mum!
You got to spoil us real bad,
And that made dad real mad!
You always had a supply of candy
And I always thought that was dandy.
The sugar rush would last for hours,
And tested our parents’ will power!
A fun aunt really is swell,
She’ll let you run and scream and yell.
To someone who was always there to play,
Have the happiest, bestest, Birthday!

A is for the Amazing things you taught me,
U is for your Understanding smile.
N is for the Nuttier branch of the family tree,
T is for the Teacher you’ve been all the while.

Everyone needs a quirky, cooky aunt
That will really help them to see
The heart and soul and love that they grant,
When you have a great A-U-N-T!

You talked sense into me when I said my parents weren’t fair
And you played with me when I was blue.
You loved me and cared and taught me so much,
So a very Happy Birthday to you!

Happy 40th birthday to my absolutely favorite aunt!