51th Birthday Wishes

At 50 years old you may have felt
A little bit over the hill.
But you were 50 for a whole year long
And you’re here and kicking, still!
At 50 you may have thought that you
Were done with your days in the sun,
But your time in the light
Has started now that you’re 51!
You and I know some secrets to life
With experience that makes us wise!
And anyone who thinks 51’s over the hill
Is living in a world of lies!
Happy 51st Birthday!

At 21 you thought you would conquer the world
And you partied in the days of your youth.
You thought you were invincible and forever young
But quickly you learned the sad truth.

At 31 you thought you were so grown up,
You had a job, a family, and clearly knew it all.
But it wouldn’t be long before you saw the light
And that illusion would dutifully fall.

At 41 you thought you were over the hill
That you were washed up and past your prime.
But the past 10 years of memories
Have shown that you were wrong at that time.

Now you’re 51 and we all now what that means
That we have the experience of your life
To let you in on all the secrets of happiness
To use in the next 51, ignoring worry and strife!

Fifty is a hard age for most of us to overcome
But now you’re even older at a ripe age of fifty-one!
Some might think this is the beginning of the end
That you’re over the hill, out to pasture, ’round the bend.
But you and I, we know the truth, and here it is:
In 51 years we’ve had wilder times than most of these young kids.
We’ve seen the world, we’ve seen love, we’ve had successes galore
We’ve taken risks, fought the good fight, shown some people the door.
Fifty-one is a beautiful age, one that makes us wise,
And one that lets us celebrate with a classy glass of wine.
But there’s still that sense of urgency there that’s always been,
So if you want, reverse the numbers, and celebrate like you’re fifteen!
Whether dignified or crazy, celebrate in your own way,
Because it’s your birthday, and today is your day!

You’re over five decades, or if you prefer
You’re older than half a century.
But we all knew this day was fast approaching,
That it’d be here eventually.
You’re over the hill, so grab your dentures
And maybe comfortable shoes.
Crank up the hearing aid, old buddy, old pal,
Get some Bengay you can use!
Nobody really knows what age it is
At which we become old,
But you’re getting up there, my friend,
In fact you’re starting to mold.
But don’t worry, it’s not all that bad
You’ve got wisdom from years behind.
Let’s just hope you hold onto that
And you don’t lose your mind!
With all the old-person jokes I’ve made
I hope that it’s still quite clear,
That I really do care and want to wish
A very happy 51st to you, my dear!

On your 51st birthday you really should
Wear a great quinceanera outfit that shows
That the looks are still there, and so is the spirit,
Because the mind’s always the first to go!