41th Birthday Wishes

It’s hard to believe that it’s here
It’s your birthday, it’s another year
It’s time to go out and have some fun
Happy birthday wishes to you at 41

You’re just one year past over the hill
But there’s a lot of life left in you still
Being 41 is no need to feel sad and blue
Wishing a very happy birthday just for you

Yes, you’re another year older
It’s so hard to believe it’s true
Here’s wishing a happy 41st birthday
To someone as wonderful as you

To a fantastic person who’s still funny, bright, and young
Some would even say that at 41 life has just begun
May you reach all your goals and may your dreams come true
I’m wishing a fabulous 41st birthday just for you

It’s time to celebrate and raise a glass
Your 41st birthday is here at last
Blow out the candles and cut the cake
Wonderful new memories we all will make

So enjoy your birthday, go ahead and have some fun
But make sure to remember when the celebrating is done
You’re a special person who means so much to me
Hoping your 41st birthday is the best it can be

You’re fun, caring, and great to be around
So don’t let 41 candles get you down
41 is really a great age to be
Still so much of life to do and see
So to someone wonderful I’ve known for years
Have a happy birthday with lots of cheer

You’re still full of life, even at 41
There are still many more good times to come
Hoping all your dreams for the future come true
Happy 41st birthday wishes I’m sending to you

So now you’ve turned 41
Don’t think life is done
Happiness is all around
Good things still to be found
Cut the cake, dance, and sing
Birthday wishes to you I bring

You’ve accomplished so much through the years
You’ve had many successes and weathered the tears
Now that you’re 41, don’t let it get you down
Still much more laughter and happiness to be found
Wherever you go, whatever you decide to do
I’m wishing a fantastic 41st birthday to you

You’re accomplished, bright, and fun
You’re still fabulous at 41
Everyone who knows you would surely agree
Here’s hoping your birthday is the best it can be

As you approach your 41st birthday may you see
Staying active and young at heart is truly the key
May many good things continue to come your way
Wishing you all the best on your 41st birthday

At 41 you’re seasoned and mature
You’ve done more in life than just endure
You’ve worked hard and reached the top
The best is still ahead, so don’t stop
Stay just the way you are, loving and kind
Happiness on your birthday may you find

It’s time to put 41 candles on the cake
More lasting memories we’re going to make
May every good thing come your way
As you celebrate your special day