Funny Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

I love you and I’m willing to sing it. If you want more than just a kiss, put a ring on it. If that’s not acceptable, keep in mind that you’re not irreplaceable.

Just a reminder on your birthday to keep things working right: the latest version of Halo for Xbox and your sports buddies aren’t going to keep you warm on a cold winter’s night.

Since it’s your birthday, I’ll treat you like a king and be your perfect girl. Just don’t assume it’s a regular thing, since tomorrow you’ll be back to living in the real world.

It’s understandable to want to take your time. If we’re talking about a new car, that’s fine. Just so you know, I’ll always love and I’ll sing it from from sea to shining sea. Now how many more birthdays until you finally marry me?

Sure, you’ve got a natural charm. Don’t think I haven’t seen your eyes wander as we walk arm and arm. You may think that it’s cute how you flirt with other women when we mingle. Keep it up and on your next birthday, you’ll be single.

It’s your birthday, so go ahead and watch the game, hog the remote and proclaim yourself Barbeque King. Just remember that tomorrow is the end to your one day reign and you’re back in a world where you’re kissing my ring.

Roses are red, violets are blue, if you’re reading this and you have no idea when my birthday is, it’s not going to be a good day for you.

I always knew you were my soul mate and I certainly hope you feel the same. Maybe on your next birthday I’ll remember your last name.

Happy birthday baby. My cats may drive you crazy. Just so know, as long as he continues to tolerate you, I’ll always love you too!

Need a preview of life together in the future if things last? After you’re done reading this, get your feet off the furniture and take out the trash!

If you had your birthday wish, Angelina Jolie would be your girl. If I had my wish, Brad Pitt would be my lover. Welcome back to the real world, where we’re lucky to have each other.

It’s your birthday and to me you’ll always be my one true love so sweet. If you have anything on your phone you don’t want me to see, now might be a good time to press delete.

Finding the right boyfriend certainly takes time. Sometimes the one you’re with isn’t the right one yet. Fortunately, I found the one I want to call mine. Had ya nervous for a sec?

Necklaces, diamond rings and five-star restaurants may not mean all that much to you. Last minute weekend getaways and romantic dining spots may not cross your mind. As I say happy birthday to you, I hope you’re taking notes on what I want for mine.