44th Birthday Wishes

Through all the years, through all the fears, your words I hold deep in my ears.

You’ve stood by me through thick and thin, so come and make a splash along my fin.

To My Best Pal, You’ve held my heart safe and sound, you cared for me when no one was around, so in your arms I want to be found.

For many years and many fears, you’ve been my greatest love. I love you more than when we set out, you make my heart want to shout: HURRAY!!!

This is just to say that if I could have spent these past several years any other way, I would refuse.

It causes me greatest sadness and disappointment that I have not been able to know you so long as I might have, but all the days and all the years that I have known you have been so wonderful, so right, so dear, that they make me nearly forget all the years I did not know you.

Neither Castor and Pollux nor Simon and Garfunkel were such close friends as you and I. Please, dearest friend, know that I would give anything to live my life for one day longer just so that I could spend it with you.

May no year past wherein I do not see you, my older man and dearest friend nearly every day. Your thoughts and wishes are mine too this special day.

Hurray!!! Hurray!!! I want to say to usher in your special day!!!

Every day of this whole year-and many other-you have been my safe shield and strong rock. Please grow old with me that I may not live to see a day or hour in which you are not with me.

Do not fear, you’re here with me and my beer!!! Happy birthday, bud!!!

If I were you, if I were me, I’d be so grateful and happy today. Why? Well, you see, today is your birthday. Without your birthday, you wouldn’t have life. Without your birthday, I wouldn’t have you and that would be sadder. Thanks for all you do and all you are.

Though I haven’t known you quite so long as some, I feel I know you better and what I don’t know best about you just makes me want to spend even more time in your most pleasant company.

Fools and only fools would not wish you a happy birthday. You’ve had quite a few, after all. Let this not be your last, because if it were, I’d be lost.

You, my dear, are quite the most charming fourty-four year-old I’ve ever met.

Hey, good looking, where’ve you been all my life? Oh, fourty-four, so’m I. Your birthday’s today? How do you feel about older men?

Knowing you has truly been the greatest pleasure and joy a man could hope for. May I pass many more years in your most loving and tender company.

If I’d known you as well then as I do now, I would have shared many birthdays with you.