45th Birthday Wishes for Sister

Welcome to your birthday little sis
I’m glad that you’re here to see
Just how much you’ve touched my heart
And how much you mean to me

Our bond is stronger than the entire world
Our friendship will last forever
So happy 45th birthday sis,
I hope it’s the best birthday ever.

I’m so happy that you’re my sister
And that I’m here to help you celebrate
A wild and wonderful 45th year
That includes this wish for your birthday.

I pray you see the beauty in life this year
I pray you have so much fun today
And spend it with your big sister
Who loves you in each and every way.

We’ve had our share of fights over the years
We do what sisters do
First we fight, then we love no matter what
Because a sister’s love is always true.

Today you turn 45 years old
I’m here to give you a birthday wish
That as you venture into this brand new age
You remember your loyal big sis.

My sister is beautiful
My sister is smart
She is always in my mind
She is even more in my heart.

She’s turning 45 years old today
And I’m here to wish her the best
Happy birthday to my dear sister
Party on, then get some rest.

The sun shines down on my sister today
As she ventures into a new age
Our years of friendship remind me
Just why she will never fade.

Her beauty is timeless,
her spirit is forever young
Happy 45th birthday my sister,
Don’t forget to have fun.

Our family celebrates your birth today
Our hearts are filled with the best memories
Of our sister enjoying the best life has to offer
She’s always laughing, she’s always free

For 45 years she’s blessed our lives
With fun and laughter galore
Happy birthday to a wonderful sister
Continue to enjoy life and explore.

A sister is more than a best friend
She is a partner through all of life
And you’re the best sister I could have asked for
Everything about you is right.

I’m so happy to wish you a beautiful 45th
And tell you how much I love you
And how your birth was so special to me
Just as beautiful as a sister is true.

Let’s dance and laugh and celebrate
A girl so smart and fun
She’s my sister every day of her life
And I couldn’t have asked for a better one.

Today she turns 45 years old
We’re all wishing her so much joy
So happy birthday to my sister today
To her I say: Enjoy!

The heavens brought a sister to me
45 long years ago
Not a day has gone by when I haven’t loved her
And I will always love her so.

Birthdays are a celebration
Of new beginnings and of happiness
Happy 45th birthday my sister,
Thank you for making me so blessed.

Cakes, ribbons, and gifts abound
It’s a very special day today
45 years ago something amazing happened
My sister first came my way.

She’s grown up a lot since then
And made her way in the world
Happy 45th birthday to my sister
You are really quite a girl.