Birthday Wishes for 40 Year Old Man

After you’ve climbed the hill, life begins at forty,
more time to take naps, relax and have fun,
that is, until the grandchildren come along!
Happy 40th birthday!

The 40th birthday simply means you never get a day older,
Happy second 39th Birthday, may you have forty more to come!

While life begins at 40, so does memory lapse, failed eyesight and rheumatism.
This is why I’m wishing you a Happy 39th Birthday for the second time!

Now that you’re over the hill,
You can sit back and relax,
It’s downhill the rest of the way.
Have a Fantastic 40th Birthday!

On your grand 40th birthday,
may all your dreams come true.
It’s an honor to send birthday wishes,
to an incredible man like you!

Sending you warm wishes on this special day,
May your “40th” be amazing in every way.
Happy Birthday to an Awesome Guy!

It’s an honor to send birthday wishes
to an extraordinary man with so much integrity.
Happy 40th Birthday and may you have forty more!

Now that the big 4-0 is here, it’s a good time to let you know
what a positive influence you have had on my life.
Thanks for your guidance and for always being there for me
You are my hero and I will always look up to you.
Happy 40th Birthday and may it be the best one yet!

Happy birthday to a terrific guy who is turning forty,
Hope your day is filled will fun and relaxation!

Welcome to middle age where life is all new and exciting,
Hope your big day is filled with things that are electrifying.
Happy 40th Birthday to a spectacular man!

Turning forty is a huge milestone, which is exactly why I am taking this chance to let you know how very much you mean to me. I would not be the person I am today if you had not come into my life at the time you did. You have taught me so much, and I am looking forward to the next forty years of lessons you have in store for me. Happy 40th Birthday to the most amazing man in the world!

Turning 40 years old is a call for a big celebration,
Spend this day with your friends and loved ones,
Then, spend the rest of the week on a fabulous vacation.
Happy 40th Birthday to my closest buddy!

The best way to get though turning 40,
is to hang out with people who are turning 50.
Happy 40th Birthday, hope your day rocks!

Happy 40th Birthday – wishing you a great day and many happy returns!

Wishing you all the happiness that life can bring your way – Happy 40th Birthday!

It’s your day to party and have a blast,
Your fortieth birthday has come at last.
Happy 40th Birthday – Have a good one!

It’s your 40th birthday, so go all out,
That’s what milestones are all about!
Happy Birthday, Buddy!

Congratulations to a great guy, it’s your fabulous forty,
Best wishes and cheers to you as you are in all your glory!
Happy 40th Birthday!!!

Sending you fun filled greetings on your birthday,
Hope everything special comes your way today!
Have an awesome 40th Birthday!