45th Birthday Wishes for Dad

I’m so grateful for all you’ve done for me
As your birthday approaches I hope you see
The older you get, the brighter you shine
Happy 45th birthday, dad, you’re one of a kind

When I was little you were always there for me
Helping with my homework or patching a skinned knee
Now that I’m older I still need you for many things
Mostly I appreciate all the love that you bring
You’re 45 years young and the best dad ever
Happy birthday, dad, I’ll love you forever

You always love and support me, even when I’m bad
You always comfort and cheer me, even when I’m sad
You always keep your cool, even when I make you mad
I’m sure happy that in the whole world you’re my dad
Hoping your 45th birthday is the best you’ve ever had

45 is a great age; not too young, not too old
With your own unique style you don’t fit the mold
Dad, you’re handsome, smart, and lots of fun
As far as dads go, you are number one
So have lots of cake and ice cream too
Wishing birthday happiness just for you

For my dad, who’s really a big teddy bear
A man with a heart of gold, who always cares
You always support me, whether I lose or win
You and I are a team, that’s how it’s always been
On your 45th birthday I wish you a fantastic day
I hope the way we are now, we will always stay

You’re a man to look up to, admire, and trust
You take time to help me without any fuss
You’re smart, successful, and in your prime
And yet for me, you always seem to find the time
On your 45th birthday I’m wishing you lots of cheer
To my wonderful dad, you will always be so dear

Dad, you’ve always been my biggest fan
Whatever I go through, you understand
You are the best dad that could ever be
Happy 45th birthday wishes to you from me

You’re a really great dad, I know this is true
I don’t always show it, but I’m thankful for you
Let’s celebrate with lots of candles and cake
Happy 45th birthday to a dad who’s truly great

You’re a dad who always knows how to lead
You don’t just tell, but show by your deeds
Your loving and kind and yet so very strong
Yet strong enough to admit it when you’re wrong
At 45 years old you’re everything a dad should be
Happy birthday dad, you mean the world to me

To a dad who’s nothing short of great
Let’s kick up our heels and celebrate
You always work hard, it’s time for fun
But let me tell you this before we’re done
Happy 45th birthday to a fantastic dad
That I’m your kid, I’m forever glad

You’ve been there through my good and bad days
You’ve taught me so much along life’s way
On your 45th birthday I can say it out loud
That you’re my dad, I’m always so proud