55th Birthday Wishes for Brother

To a very special brother on his 55th birthday
You have always looked out for me and showed me the way
I respect you so much for all that you do
I wish you a day of happiness and love, too

Have a wonderful 55th birthday, my brother and friend
I have so many great wishes I want to send
I wish you a birthday full of delight and fun
I wish you a birthday in which you are treated like number one

Dear brother, I am so glad I can call you a friend who I can turn to
I have learned so many of life’s great lessons by just watching you
You have given me advice when I needed it and listened to me, too
Happy 55th birthday, brother; I wish you success in all that you do

How can I ever thank you for being such a wonderful guy?
You have always been my rock when I was feeling low or high
I want you to know that you are appreciated and cared for
Happy 55th birthday, brother, and many, many more

Happy birthday to the best brother I could ever hope for
I wish you happiness, love, and wealth forevermore
Have a great 55th birthday and live it up in grand style
I know you’ll be celebrating for a long while

How did the years go by so very fast?
It seems like these 55 years just passed
Now it’s time for another special birthday all for you
Have a great day, and I love you very much, too

I feel so very blessed to say you are my brother
I do not think that there could ever be another
Person as wonderful and brilliant as you are
You are a gorgeous, glowing, shining star
I love you so much brother and want to say
Have a lovely, happy, and fun 55th birthday

Happy 55th birthday to a brother I admire
You inspire me and light a fire
Under me to always do my very best
So I can put my abilities to the test
Thank you for always believing in me
And seeing capabilities that others couldn’t see

Life is so special, and it is a real treat
To have such a bother that just can’t be beat
You really are my brother number one
I hope your day is joyous and full of fun
Happy 55th birthday to my brother dear
Have a nice day full of wonder and cheer

Happy 55th birthday, brother of mine
You always manage to tow the line
I look up to you and admire you in every way
You deserve to celebrate in a special way

Happy 55th birthday to a great brother, man, and friend
I hope you feel the love and joy that I send
I am thinking of you on this special day
I love you so much in every way

What words are there to say
To the world’s best brother on his birthday?
Happy 55th birthday to a man who always wears a smile on his face
Even when he fussing at me or getting on my case
That’s okay, brother, I still hold you dear