49th Birthday Wishes

There is only one more year until you turn 50.
It’s acceptable to lie about you age without being shifty.
You are still as magnificent and fabulous as ever.
Blowing out 49 candles is going to be an endeavor.

Turning 49 does not mean you are over the hill.
It’s never too late to go out for a cheap thrill.
You carry yourself with such grace and great skill.
Celebrate your birthday like I know you will.

A lot of life lessons are not learned until we get older.
Aging is the reason we become more mature and bolder.
Enjoy your 49th birthday, because 50 is come up soon.
I will still love you when you are are wrinkly old prune.

It doesn’t seem that long ago that you were a wide-eyed teen.
Trying to look older to blend in with the cool scene.
Now that you are 49, it’s a whole other story.
You’re one year away the golden years of glory.

Other friends in life have come and gone.
In you, I have always been directly drawn.
You can count on me to always be here for each birthday.
In your 49th year, you are as beautiful as a bouquet.

You used to be a precocious child.
Now that you are 49, you’ve grown to be a little more mild.
You’re a man that we all strive to be more like.
Celebrate a very special birthday, with friends and family alike.

You started out as the best son a father could ask for.
Over time, you had a son of your own to adore.
Today you turn 49, and you’re now a proud grandfather.
If you could change one single thing, I know you would never bother.

Happy 49th birthday to my loving, sexy husband.
You still make me weak in the knees, and I can barely stand.
Such an amazing grandfather you have managed to become.
Compared to you, every other man in the world seem so dumb.

I remember when we used to think that by 45 we would be decrepit and old.
We’ve always been the greatest friends, and haven’t yet grown any mold.
If anything, I feel that we get more fabulous with each passing day.
Let us spend your 49th birthday embracing the gray.

Have a lovely 49th birthday, my one and only big sister.
You’re almost over the hill like a red, old blister.
I will always be there the instant you need anything.
You deserve the entire world in box for all of the joy that you bring.

It’s your 49th birthday today, and you’ve had an impressive life so far.
You shine so brightly to those around you, like a glowing star.
You’re such an amazing daughter and I enjoy being able to call you a friend.
I cherish the day I brought you into this world, and I will support you until the end.

I know that you have been dreading your 49th birthday arriving.
Do not worry, you’ve got a lot more years surviving.
Don’t let it get your down or make you feel over the hill.
You’re funny, caring, and you have looks that could kill.