50th Birthday Wishes for Boss

To a Wonderful Boss
I’m sure you could use…
A day to kick back and just enjoy the breeze;
Stress free, no work…
Solely filled with ease.
Until it’s time to return to work,
Have a Relaxing 50th Birthday!

To a boss who works hard and never settles for less than the best,
We wish you a calm and peaceful 50th Birthday full of happiness and rest.

Not everyone has the patience…
And knows the right words to say to bring inspiration;
Or has the ability to give sound direction
To lead this team to supersede all expectations.
Your encouragement and your counsel are like a special gift.
All these things make you a great boss to work with.
Hope you enjoy your 50th Birthday celebration that you surely deserve!

It’s refreshing to work with someone who’s understanding;
Someone who knows what he wants, but isn’t too demanding.
You motivate others to get the job done.
You’re an encourager, success coach but not afraid to have fun.
Happy 50th Birthday to a great boss!

Heroes come in different forms.
Mine has a corner office and signs my checks.
Happy 50th Birthday to the greatest boss I know!

All of us on the team feel really blessed to have you for our manager.
We hope you have a day filled with joy.
Happy 50th!

Don’t count your grays.
It’s not about the number of days.
As you celebrate your 50th birthday,
Remember that it’s about the love that grows, the relationships made…
The milestones you’ve reached and the accomplishments displayed.

Hey Boss,
After many busy days and hectic schedules, you deserve a break.
So have fun as you take a little time to open gifts and have a slice of cake.
Happy 50th Birthday to a wonderful boss we all respect and appreciate.

Having lived for a half of a century may remind you that you are only getting older. Yet, when you take a look back at your life journey and realize all that you have accomplished, know that you are only getting started from here. There are more goals to reach, lives to touch and moments to cherish.
Enjoy being 50! Happy Birthday!

Happy 50th Birthday, Boss. With each new day, we wish you greater success and more prosperous opportunities.

Turning fifty is all about counting your bountiful blessings,
Appreciating having grown from life lessons
Sharing wisdom and showering others with love.
But it doesn’t mean you stop having fun.
Hope you have a great 50th birthday celebration!

Being the boss is already important business.
But now that you are fifty,there is nothing stopping you.
Have a wonderful birthday, from all of us

Happy Birthday, Boss. Today you are fifty. So let’s have a toast… just not in the office.

You have a team that cares and appreciate all the hard work you do. We just want to wish you a warm and hearty 50th birthday.