6th Birthday Wishes

Look who’s turning six today!
I wrote this little note to say
I hope you have a happy day
full of laughs and games to play!

What do you give a girl so sweet?
Lots of cake and yummy treats,
more candy than she could ever eat,
a pretty crown to go on her head,
ballet shoes to go on her feet,
and a great big hug from Mom and Dad.

Happy birthday, angel!

My little boy is turning six,
already so big and strong and quick.
You’ll grow and learn so much this year,
so here’s a happy birthday cheer.

S is for sugar, sunshine, and silliness.
I is for ice cream, imagination, and “I love you.”
X is for an excellent, exciting, extra awesome birthday.

Happy birthday to a special someone turning SIX!

I have six ways to describe you: happy, silly, smart, funny, wonderful, and kind.
I have six things to give you: toys, presents, cake, ice cream, hugs, and kisses.
I can tell you why in six words: You’re turning six years old today!

Happy birthday! Wishing you six times the joy.

I hope your day is filled with giggles and games, rainbows and races, presents and parties, friends and family, and six candles on a great big cake. Happy birthday!

Six years ago, a precious little baby was born. Ever since then, she has brought a smile to tons of faces, brightened every room she’s walked into, asked so many great questions about the world, learned so many new skills, and made so many friends. I am so, so happy that I got to watch that baby grow into the awesome little girl she is now. Guess what? She’s you! Happy birthday!

I couldn’t decide which letter of the alphabet to use to wish you a happy birthday, so I used them all. I hope you have an awesome, big, creative, darling, extraordinary, fantastic, great, hilarious, incredible, joyful, kooky, lovely, marvelous, nifty, out-of-this-world, perfect, quirky, remarkable, super, terrific, unbelievable, very cool, wonderful, “X-treme,” yummy, and zany celebration!

It’s exciting to be six years old. You’re starting school, meeting new friends, and learning new things every day.

I just want to remind you that no matter how old you get, what you can do, and what you decide to be when you grow up, no matter if you’re fast or slow, silly or serious, outgoing or shy, clean or messy, big or small, I will always love you and be proud of you. Happy birthday, and I hope you have an exciting year ahead full of adventures and discoveries.

What are all these things I see?
It looks like a giant party:
clowns, gifts, balloons, and cake,
games to play and crafts to make,
streamers, banners, and girls and boys
running and dancing and making noise.
Today is special, I’ve been told.
Someone just turned six years old.
Happy birthday!

When my children grew up, I was sad that I would no longer have any little ones to spoil with toys, presents, candy, treats, trips, hugs, and kisses every day. Thankfully, that’s what grandchildren are for! Happy birthday to the sweetest grandson in the world.