50th Birthday Wishes for Dad

Dad, you’re 50 now, but you’re not over the hill
I know that you have paid every single bill,
But now you’re entering a new phase in life
That I hope is filled with no strife.
You are the best person to be a father
Because everything I’ve done hasn’t been a bother.

Dad, this is your 50th birthday,
And I have something to say.
How do you do all that you do
Without feeling so blue.
You’re the very best Dad in the world,
And now is the time the rest of your life unfurled.
The next phase for you will be oh so grand,
And we hope it goes just like you planned.
You have so much to do,
But please remember we’ll always love you.

I hope that this is a great birthday, my special Dad
Because you are someone who makes me so glad.
You have so much more work to do
Because you keep us all from being blue.
We hope that this is a special day for you
That will mean the world to you
Because we have planned and planned
To give you all that is in the land.

Happy birthday to Dad
Happy birthday to Dad
Happy birthday dear Dad
Happy birthday to Dad

Happy birthday to Dad
Happy birthday to Dad
You’ve made all so very glad
Happy birthday to Dad

Happy birthday, Dad
This is the best song we could give
And we hope that as long as you live
You remember how special you are
Because you brought us all so far.

Today is the day you turn 50,
But there is something so nifty
About being the guy who gets to grow old
Because you’ve seen everything bought and sold.

You are the person you are
Has brought us all so far,
And now we have to say
That you are special in every way.

Please remember how great you are
Because you made it to 50, so far.

Happy birthday, father.
Everything I did when I was little must have been such a bother.
However, today is the day that I remember
That you brought to our family so much splendor.
50 is just a number
But don’t ever wonder
That we love you.

Happy birthday, 50 is finally here.
My Dad, you are doing so very well.
There are times when we wonder what to do
But you always keep us from being blue.

We’re playing the game your way
Because in you had a chance to play.
We hope that 50 is good to you this way
Because you deserve it in every single way.

Happy birthday to you, Dad.
We know that 50 is much more than the best.
We remember the time you got that stylish vest,
But now is the time that we get to remember
All the things you did to help our family members.
You are more than just a dad,
You are 50
You are an example,
And we are very, very glad.