Birthday Wishes for little Sister from Sister

Birthday Wishes from Big Sister to Little Sister

With your little sister’s birthday coming up, you’d probably like to get her a card expressing how you feel about her. But often, none of the cards or notes available express your exact feelings. Instead, here are some more specific birthday wish ideas for all sorts of sisterly relationships:

For the Sporty Little Sister:

“Sis, hope your birthday is a slam dunk! -Love, Big Sis”

“You make every day feel like a perfect game.”

“You’ve always been my favorite teammate.”

“From surprising me, to annoying me, to making me feel loved, you always bat a thousand.”

For the Musical Sister:

“Happy birthday! Here’s to another year of sisterly duets.”

“Your voice is music to my ears–even if you’re yelling at me for staining your sweater.”

“May your song continue to lift spirits and touch lives. Happy birthday.”

For the Bookworm Sister:

“Hope this chapter of your life story is the best yet, Sis. Happy birthday.”

“Your birth was one of the best plot twists ever. Love you, Sister.”

“Happy birthday to the next bestselling author–we are splitting the money right?” 😉 (Enclose a gift card to Barnes & Noble)

“Your words always bring joy to my heart. Here are some for you: happy birthday, little sister. Love you.”

For the Theatrical Sister:

“Happy birthday! Enjoy being the star of today.”

“You burst onto the stage of our family and made life a lot more exciting. Happy birthday, and thanks, sis.”

“As Shakespeare once said…a classy lady like you deserves the best birthday ever.”

“How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…” (After listing some of your sister’s best qualities, end with “Happy birthday.”)

For the Shopaholic Sister:

“I couldn’t shop for a better sister than you. Happy birthday.”

“Happy birthday to my favorite sales maven!” (Enclose a gift card to a favorite store or an invitation for a sisterly shopping spree)

“Happy birthday, beautiful sister. Go out and buy yourself something nice.”

For the Well-Traveled Sister:

Look up how to say “Happy birthday” in several languages. Make your sister a card with these greetings, ending with an English greeting on the inside of the card.

“I’ve been to a lot of places and have yet to find a friend as great as you. Happy birthday.”

“This year, continue to change the world with your beautiful heart.”

“The whole world deserves to know what a wonderful sister and person you are. This year, go and conquer it.” (Include a gift card for Rosetta Stone’s products)

You can also base your birthday wishes around your sister’s occupation, using themed gifts and cards. For example, a card that references an A+ teacher would be good for a sister who teaches. If your sister is a nurse or doctor, reference her gentle hands or healing heart. Also carries lockets that can be filled with charms referencing all of the above interests and more, which would be a wonderful gift for a sister.