50th Birthday Wishes for Mom

You’ve been around for fifty years, you’ve laughed at jokes and dried your tears, and after you’ve been through it all, my moms still standing proud and tall.

Happy birthday mom, my one true friend. The one love I know will never end. Happy 50th Mom!

You are a special kind of woman respected and fine. You, my mother have aged like wine. Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to my mother kind. You’ve touched my heart you’ve been so sublime. I love you mom this you should know. Thank you for spending your life helping me grow.

Happy birthday Mom! You’re fifty years old. And you’ve grown all the more pretty and warm. Happy birthday Mom thank you for helping me weather the storm.

Mother I love you, and now that you’ve grown another year older, you’re still my true home.

You taught me poise and grace and passion. You haven’t let those go, in fact you’ve surpassed them. Happy 50th Birthday!

It’s your 50th birthday are you excited or what? I am I get to celebrate your love! Happy Birthday Mom!

You’ve taught me so much, you’ve helped me grow. I’m happy to wish you these birthday wishes. You know I love you right mom? I do. I love you mom. Happy birthday to you.

You’re mom and its your birthday you see. I hope it’s amazing and wonderful. Thank you for raising me.

If I was a flower then you’d be the sun. You’ve raised so wonderfully. I’m the lucky one. I love and happy birthday Mom!

Here you are, after fifty years. You’ve grown so much and conquered so many fears.

You’re an amazing mom, you’re an amazing friend. You’re the best mom imaginable. Happy Birthday may our friendship never end.

Only you could do what you do. Raise me and stay true, to all youre values and imbue them in me. Thank you for being so special and loving me. Happy 50th Birthday Mom!

I love you Mom, you’re the star in my life. It’s your 50th birthday, keep shining bright!

I heard it’s your birthday. A day to give to you. After 50 years of helping the world. It’s about time we do. I love you Mom!

Happy birthday Mom. You deserve so much. For helping the world in such an incredible way. You’re amazing and I mean what I say.

Happy Birthday to the woman you gave me life. I owe you so much its hard to describe. So just know that I love you and I’ll never forget or let go, of all that you’ve done for me I hope you know.

You’re my mother, you’ve steered me through. Whenever I needed help I came to you. And you were my guide and my ship and you carried me far. Happy Birthday Mom, my one northern star.

Happy birthday to the best mom imaginable. I am so grateful for you and all that you’ve done. Now that you’re fifty you can really start to have fun!