Birthday Wishes belated

Birthday greetings
A little late!
I hope your cake
Was really great!
I hope its candles
Burned quite bright,
And you got the presents
You really liked.
Forgetful me!-
I missed the day,
But happy birthday

Pardon my memory’s
Recent slip.
It was your birthday,
But I forgot about it.
I will try not to forget
Your birthday ever again,
But remember that I’ve had
More birthdays than you, my friend!

Life with its busyness
Carried me away,
And it appears I forgot
A recent important day.
It’s a day of great joy
And a day of great worth-
It’s the anniversary of
The day of your birth!

Birthday blessings
A little late
I wish to you,
And I’m sorry
You had to wait.
I hope on your birthday
You had a real good time,
And I wish you a memory
Far better than mine.

Happy birthday late
To you, a friend that’s great.
Remember what they say, “Better late than never.”
So happy birthday to you now-
The best birthday you’ve had ever!

May God’s blessings on you fall
And follow you through this year.
May belated birthday wishes
Not seem odd upon your ear.
For not only on your birth day,
But on every single day,
I wish for all God’s blessings
To come to you and stay.
His gentle hand will make your great,
And He never will be, like mere man, late.

I overheard the day before
That your birthday now is o’er.
Sorry am I to have missed the festivity,
But I with you the best
With all my creativity.
Be happy and healthy,
Be wise and be true,
Be kind and forgiving-
Happy birthday to you!

The candles have gone out,
And the cake has been consumed,
The presents are all opened
And relocated to your room.
You heard the words “Happy Birthday!”
Quite frequently just before,
But listen now a minute
And you will hear one more.
Happy Birthday to you, friend!
I pray with you ’tis well.
May Heaven smile upon your soul
And your life His goodness tell.
May you find His blessings all around
Every where you turn,
And may this year be a year in which
That God is Love you learn.

The best things, remember,
Are things for which we must wait.
So happy birthday
A little late!

I’ve been too busy, friend, I fear,
And have forgotten your birthday
Was getting near.
So take this “Happy Birthday” of mine,
Transport it then a little back in time,
And you’ll have the thing I had wished to do-
To on your birthday say “Happy Birthday” to you.

May you increase in true wisdom and love
As you walk with God this year.
May you find peace in the knowing of God
And find cause to be of good cheer.
May you find truths in His Word
And be glad
For the worth of each treasure you find.
This birthday blessing comes a little bit late-
May it be, friend, yo don’t mind.